Sweet Kisses and Lesbian Wishes anthology

Author: Kissa Starling

Publisher: Renaissance EBooks

Release Date: Sept 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Search For The Brown Boobies

Meeko has decided to be a freelance photographer. Her current job involves taking a trip by boat to Sway Cay Island to get some pictures. The first problem that arises is that the captain, Jeri, refuses to take her there, deeming it unsafe since a large reef encircles the island. With the right amount of money, Meeko is able to convince Jeri to take her, despite the danger.

They get as close to the island as they can by boat. Then they must put on their wet suits and swim the rest of the way there. Jeri's knowledge of the island and the birds, in particular, makes it a lot easier for Meeko to achieve her goal of photographing some rare chicks. There are many mysteries to Jeri, and Meeko is soon in for a shocking surprise. What started as a simple job soon turns into quite an adventure, one that Meeko and Jeri will not soon forget.

PS: I Love You

A friend from school invited Nancy to Woodstock, and she was not about to turn him down. She knew that he was hoping something would occur between them, but she figured he would soon realize that she was more interested in women. Nancy had come to let loose and enjoy the music. Her first night in, she meets a delightful new friend, Kitty.

Nancy and Kitty spend every waking moment together, reveling in all the festivities going on. Over the next few days, they really get to know one another. It does not take long for Nancy to discover that she has fallen desperately in love with Kitty. Things are coming to an end, and it is almost time to go home. Will their adventures end here?

I Heart You

Teddie and Bea have been together for thirty years. They are very much in love. Every year, they go to the same place, Magnolia Inn, to celebrate their anniversary. This year, Teddie is determined to make their time together even more special.

First up, Teddie wants to discuss some old issues with Bea. Teddie wishes for Bea to realize that they have weathered it all because of their unfailing trust in one another. She wants to show Bea that what they have is real. Teddie just hopes Bea can accept the last surprise she has in store for her.

Lesson Learned

Adele is an an air marshall and a really good one at that. She has a very good record, having prevented any and all accidents from occurring while on duty. She does not let the small fact that she is a vampire get in the way of life. In fact, she uses it to her advantage.

When a suspicious-looking woman, Sharmaine, catches Adele's eye, she confronts her. Adele then escorts her to a more private location on the plane to get down to business. She strips Sharmaine of all weapons and proceeds to question her. Adele is not prepared for Sharmaine's announcement that she is there to kill her, but it is Sharmaine who will be the most shocked in the end.

Helga House

Eve is headmistress of Helga House, a rehab center for troubled women. She loves what she does and is always willing to take on new charges. Her group this year is proving to be a challenge. Eve is not impressed with what they have so far managed to achieve. She has certain expectations for these women and is prepared to go to great lengths to straighten them out.

When a certain woman, in particular, continues to ignore her in class, Eve quickly addresses that issue. She dismisses the class and deals with the woman alone. After punishing the woman, Eve leaves with her senses at an all-time high. Eve begins to wonder how the woman she loves would feel if she knew more about what really goes on at Helga House.

SWEET KISSES AND LESBIAN WISHES is a titillating read. It teases the senses, grabbing you from page one. Each story is a delight, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be SEARCH FOR THE BROWN BOOBIES. First off, I have to admit Kissa Starling had me with that extremely glorious title. I was captivated by both her characters, Meeko and Jeri. I thoroughly enjoyed their daring and fun-filled adventure. PS: I LOVE YOU is a heart-wrenching tale that I could not put down. LESSON LEARNED definitely had me on the edge of my seat and HELGA HOUSE is simply enticing. SWEET KISSES AND LESBIAN WISHES is a captivating anthology.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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