Sweet Little Lies

Author: Evelyn Starr

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: February 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: EBOOK

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Serena Hudson finds out when she is standing at the altar that her fiance, Rufo Reyes, has had a change of heart.  Serena is smart enough to realize when she's been given a miracle.  No way could she have married such a spinless man let alone put up with his mother, Inez Reyes, the Queen of Manipulation.  After calling off the wedding, Serena heads for the freedom of the limo waiting outside and straight into the arms of the driver, Glenn Gray.

Unfortunately, Serena soon discovers Glenn has some control issues in the bedroom.  Before he realizes his feelings for her, he treats her to his own brand of lovemaking.  Glenn loves to tease and torment his partner to the point that they beg pitifully and promise anything before he finally gives them fulfillment.  But Serena isn't like other women he's known and this time he's the one left feeling small and empty.  Not having the highest opinion of himself, Glenn nonetheless leaves his card with Serena before she slams the door in his face.  Having met Mama Reyes, Glenn suspects the old witch isn't going to leave her in peace.  And he's right.  Inez has an ulterior motive for wanting Serena to marry her son and she'll have her way or else.  Also, there is the matter of a mysterious wooden Indian Inez gave Serena as a gift and she is determined to have it back in her possession.


When Glenn gets his chance to play white knight he also has a second chance to seduce Serena and untimately prove his love.  It will take the spirit of Valentine's Day and a heart-shaped hot spring to bring these two together.


There is good character growth in both Serena and Glenn which brings them to the right point in their lives to fall in love.  Serena is able to take control of her life and Glenn learns from his past behavior to be a better person for himself and a better lover for Serena.  Evelyn Starr has created a very pleasant, and HOT, story in SWEET LITTLE LIES and I'm curious to see where the wooden Indian will turn up next to play cupid. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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