Sweet Love
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2008 - 11:01:24 AM

For Mother’s Day, Julie Mueller has been awarded an expensive gift certificate to dessert classes with the renowned French chef, Renee D’Ours. She is not exactly thrilled. Desserts, and baking in general, are definitely not Julie’s forte. She is a journalist who has been working hard all her life to make a name for herself, and as a single mother, to support her daughter. It has not been easy or always rewarding, but her job definitely has its perks. Unfortunately, one of those perks is a blast from her past.

Michael Slayton was the boy next door and the first man Julie ever fell in love with. But a falling out six years ago has stopped them from talking. The dessert classes are about to change all that as not only is Julie enrolled, but so is Michael. Maybe there is something more to this class than meets the eye. Perhaps, a chance at love and mending old ties? With a new career opportunity on the fence, with her health in question, and with the tempestuous smells of chocolate and romance in the air on Friday nights, will Julie be able to truly understand why her mother gave her this gift?


Sarah Strohmeyer blends humor, Shakespeare, chocolate, and the sensitive natures of women to concoct one tasty treat in SWEET LOVE. On the surface, this story seems fairly straightforward. Julie has the chance at renewing old ties, at mending her broken heart. But there is truly so much more to this story. Strohmeyer plumbs the depths of the mother/daughter bond to try to articulate many of its quirks, sentimentalities, joys and hardships. The relationship between Julie and her mother is truly one of the most special and most emotionally difficult parts of this story to face. Julie is a woman readers will empathize with. She faces her problems with tears, anger, but most of all, with determination. SWEET LOVE has so many wonderful moments; it is hard for me to articulate them all. The bursts of truly on the spot humor, the Shakespeare references, the blossoming relationship between Michael and Julie, and Julie’s exploration of family are only the tip of the iceberg. Sarah Strohmeyer’s talent shines beautifully in SWEET LOVE.

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