Sweet Perfection

Author: Melinda Barron

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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When Angel, the sexy baker, and Eric, the sexy cop, meet for the first time, it’s because her shop has been burglarized. When they meet the second time, it’s at the sexy S&M club where Eric is a member and Angel is a curious guest. Angel is a sassy, sexually uninhibited woman, but she needs something to spice up her love life. Eric is a dominant male who is working through some heavy emotional issues after killing a suspect in the line of duty. Thus, he’s missing that spring in his step that comes from mastering a sweet submissive. When these two meet, sparks fly immediately. But is Angel truly ready to submit to a dominant lover? As danger surrounds the two, the passion grows hotter and the lessons in the dom/sub relationship take on a deeper meaning.

This contemporary novel is a spicy read for anyone curious about the domination/submission scene and I really liked that about it. The characters are deep and expressive, showing their emotions and exploring their desires without inhibition. Angel is a truly multi—faceted character. She’s confident yet shy, aggressive initially but fully willing to explore her own submission and give her complete trust to Eric. His character is a great study of a wounded man, regaining his feet after a fall from grace. The plot is interspersed with a criminal mystery element that really develops the level of trust between the characters and keeps the reader entertained. The role—playing and club scenes in SWEET PERFECTION are enough to melt your computer screen, the erotic images of S&M played out in the best way. I really like how the author makes the point that engaging in this type of sexual play is about trust, not pain. She captures this fundamental part of the relationship with grace and polish. SWEET PERFECTION is a wonderful read for anyone who’s curious about the S&M and dom/sub scene, or anyone who wants a good erotic read with excitement!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Maria S.

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