Sweet Persuasion

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: June 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Serena James has made a business out of fulfilling clients’ fantasies, but she has a few of her own that she’d like to have come true.  The only problem is she has no clue how to go about it.  Serena’s fantasy involves giving her body into a man’s care as a sex slave.  It’s not something she’d want to do on a permanent basis but something about giving her body over to the care of a man is infinitely appealing.

In the interest of making her fantasy a reality, Serena asks her friends Faith and Julia if they know anyone who fulfills sexual fantasies.  Her friends have completely different reactions – Julia is shocked yet intrigued by Serena’s fantasy while Faith is understanding and admits that she actually knows the perfect man to help Serena.  After some discussion and a little revelation about Faith and Gray’s lifestyle and how she came to know Damon Riche, Serena has his phone number and is one step closer to the possibility of becoming a sex slave.


When Serena finally gets up the nerve to call Damon he isn’t at all happy that she’s calling on his personal line but before apologizing and hanging up Serena mentions that she got his number from Faith.  Curious, Damon does a bit of research on Serena and decides he really likes what he learns about her.  She’s exactly the sort of woman he wants in his life – and he doesn’t even know about her secret fantasy yet.


Damon contacts Serena and finds out exactly what she wanted with him and even though Serena tries playing it off that it’s one of her clients who has the sex slave fantasy, Damon realizes that it’s really Serena.  He decides to grant her wish and has decided that he’ll personally be the man who will master Serena. 


The only problem with their whole agreement is the simple fact that their contract is for one month, after that their lives will return to the way they were before.  Neither of them anticipated the strong attraction and emotional attachment they feel for each other but their relationship is all pretend… or could it possibly be real?


SWEET PERSUASION by Maya Banks is a wonderful follow up to SWEET SURRENDER that allows readers to revisit beloved characters and join in the excitement as Serena lives out her fantasies and finds love in the process.  If you read SWEET SURRENDER then you more than likely remember Damon and were waiting for his story.   I have to tell you, Ms. Banks really exceeded my expectations with this story.  The characters are larger than life and a whole lot of fun to read about, it’s extremely easy to imagine any one of them as a personal friend.  What I hadn’t anticipated when I picked up this novel was how emotionally vested I’ve became in the characters’ lives.  I cried along with Serena at one point and cheered Damon’s dedication to Serena.  This is a wonderful story that I’m sure I’ll be rereading many times in the future and will be anxiously awaiting Julia’s story which is due to be released in October 2009 entitled SWEET SEDUCTION.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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Romance Junkies Content Editor: Claudia

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Chrissy


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