Sweet Revenge
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 12:57:00 PM

When Jessie James' grandmother dies, she decides to move home to Texas to open up her own dance studio, a dream she's had for awhile. When she discovers her high school crush Chase Martin is now the sheriff of Rocky Flats, Jessie can't help but being a bit excited. She wants to show him what he's missing now that she's a beautiful and successful woman, not like the fat high school student he remembers. However, the only memories Chase has of Jessie is her amazing eyes, and when he sees the new, amazing body that comes along with those eyes, his sexual attraction for her skyrockets.

Chase has his own issues to deal with. He's taking care of his ten year old daughter and he knows that having a woman in his life is the last thing he needs, especially considering the last woman he tangled with, his ex-wife, left him and their daughter high and dry. He's not sure if he can ever trust his heart to a woman again, even a woman as tempting as Jessie. Jessie feels the same, but as they come to find out, their attraction is much too electric to ignore. Soon, their lives intersect on a daily basis and neither could be happier. But will their relationship hold up when issues of trust threaten to tear them apart forever?


Katherine Allred has written another page-turning and emotionally gripping story with SWEET REVENGE. As much as Jessie wants to show Chase that he can't have her, she can't resist the tempting, tender, and all too loving man he has grown up to become. High school memories are quickly pushed aside in the face of a powerful attraction and a developing friendship. The warm atmosphere of Rocky Flats, the sweet secondary character of Chase's daughter, and the developing love story between Chase and Jessie make this one story you won't want to pass up. SWEET REVENGE has the perfect ingredients to make it a sweet and sensual read that keeps the focus on the very interesting duo of Jessie and Chase.

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