Midnight Showcase Erotic-Ahh Digest Vol. 05-03 Sweet Revenge
By Shayla
Oct 1, 2005 - 12:07:00 AM

***image4***MOVING ON- Marguerite Turnley

Susan is a battered wife who has run away from her abusive husband and has now made a new life for herself. When Jerry gets out of prison he finds her and has his own plans for revenge, but Susan knows his one fear, does it work?

This is one woman I'd never mess with. She is the one who wears the pants even though her ex-husband would like to think otherwise.


Lila wants revenge on her husband who left her, and their three young boys, for another woman. She finds out that he was cheating not long after the birth of her first son. Lila finds the perfect way to get revenge.

This one makes me think twice about eating chocolate treats sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.

BEDRIDDEN- Laura Bacchi

Chelsea goes to the hospital to act out her plan for revenge on her ex-husband. He cheated on her with her best friend. After she gets her revenge she goes home to live a peaceful life, only to find out later that the man she saw at the hospital was not her ex.

This story is very funny, considering the faux pas. Chelsea got more than she bargained.


Rose is running away from her alcoholic husband. She wants to go somewhere safe but doesn't want to get anyone involved, so she takes a room at a bed and breakfast. The only room they have left is a haunted one.  She takes it even though she has to sign a waiver, agreeing that she won't press charges if the ghost bothers her. Her night of sleep turns out to be more, and with the ghosts help she gets even with her husband.

I would do anything to have this ghost come and visit me.


Maggie figures out that Patrick, her fiance, is cheating on her with his secretary Angelina. Angelina's fiance figures it out also. Their plan to exact revenge works better than they both have hoped and they get what they had dreamed of in the first place.

These two characters were excellent together. Shame they didn't find each other sooner.


Eleanore's ex-husband finds her, and won't leave her alone. He wants her back. She decides to ask her hunky next-door neighbour for a little help. What starts out to be a hoax with Mick turns out to be more than they both dreamed.

What I wouldn't do to have this sexy neighbour as my own.

THE ANNIVERSARY GIFT - Herbert Grosshans

Robert comes home to an anniversary surprise he will never forget, maybe not even live through. Suzan knows a few of Robert's secrets and plans her revenge. What happens next is more than even he ever bargained for.

I'm sure any man would dream to go out this way.


Keisha kicks Maceio out of her home after catching him with a woman in her bed.  She soon finds out that Maceio is playing the same game with another well to do woman.  Together Keisha and Rose get revenge on Maceio , and they each get something better than revenge.

This act of revenge was perfect. I loved how the two women worked together.


Marcella is a lonely housewife and agrees to meet an old friend for drinks, and finds out that Bill also sent in private pictures of her to a men's magazine. She starts to realize she is nothing more than a trophy wife to Bill. Do things get out of hand after drinks with Phil?

If Bill were my husband I'd do the same thing.

SCREWED- Cynthia Rayne

Annie makes the moves on her best friend Julie's husband, Steven. He isn't what she expected. You'll never guess who put her up to this act of revenge.

Annie and Julie are the best of friends who would do anything for each other.

Each of these stories has a perfect way of getting back at someone who has wronged us. Each one is unique, and the endings are perfect.  I wasn't sure what to think when I first opened the book and saw that each story was short, but man oh man they are short, sweet, and straight to the point. This is one book I will positively be recommending to my friends and since it was such an excellent read I am awarding it a five blue ribbon award.

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