Sweet Sensation

Author: Gwyneth Bolton

Publisher: Genesis Press

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Format: PRINT

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Deidre "Sweet Dee" James left the world of hip-hop thirteen years ago. She’s been living a simple life as a poet and instructor at a community college in Minneapolis where she’s raising her daughter, Kayla. She’d stepped out onto the stage again at the Source Awards two years ago and ever since she’s received all kinds of requests for interviews and asked to talk about the status of women in hip-hop. She’s denied all requests but that doesn’t stop the media from digging into her business and running her story on the Music Television channel show ‘Hey, Whatever Happened to . . . ?’

Deidre is horrified by the program. Most of it consists of common knowledge and old pictures of her, that footage isn’t an issue. The problem is the fact that they show videos of her life now. One of them is her picking up Kayla from an after-school program. Then they mention how much Kayla resembles Flex Towns and wonder if he’s aware of the resemblance. Deidre never told Flex that she was pregnant with his child when they’d split up. She’d opted to raise her daughter alone rather than expose her to the immorality that she’d witnessed herself during her time as a hip-hop artist.

Fredrick ‘Flex’ Towns III has gone from being a deejay for The Real Deal to a super producer and record label owner. He’s become a powerful man in the music industry but he’s never forgotten Deidre or their time together. You can just imagine his astonishment when his friend Alicia calls to tell him that he needs to see the episode of ‘Hey, Whatever Happened to . . . ?’ which features Sweet Dee. Flex doesn’t understand what the big deal is, their relationship was more than thirteen years ago but learning that Dee had his child and never told him sets his blood to boiling. There’s no way he is going to allow her to keep his own flesh and blood daughter from getting to know him.

Flex is determined to be a part of Kayla’s life permanently. The only way he can see that happening is if he marries Deidre and they both come live with him on the East Coast. Deidre isn’t about to marry Flex just because he says so and Kayla’s enthusiasm over having a ‘whole family’ isn’t going to persuade her either. What Deidre doesn’t know is that Flex has another reason to want her and Kayla living with him as soon as possible - Stacks, the owner of Body Bag records is about to be released from prison. He’s got a huge grudge against Flex and won’t hesitate to use Deidre or Kayla against him.

Gwyneth Bolton brings readers into the exciting and sometimes dangerous world of hip-hop with her newest book SWEET SENSATION. We were first introduced to Flex and Sweet Dee in Ms. Bolton’s first book I’M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their story ever since. I’ve gotta tell you I loved the attitude and spirit that are apparent throughout this storyline. It’s full of all the culture and enthusiasm I remember from when hip-hop first became so popular.

Deidre and Kayla are so very much alike I just adored the scenes where they expressed their differing views on Deidre marrying Flex and Kayla’s plan to become a rapper. The scene where they indulge in a free-style battle is just hilarious. Flex and Deidre may not have been together over the past decade but it’s obvious the feelings are still there. They have issues - both past and present - that need to be addressed and there’s no shortage of heated moments between them. Congratulations Ms. Bolton on yet another fabulous story!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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