Sweet Summer Rain
By Briana Burress
Jan 1, 2006 - 6:32:00 PM

The air is hot and sticky this time of year in Harrisville, Louisiana as Jonas Horville works every hard muscle of his luscious body trying to get his work done for the day at a nearby ranch.  His best friend, Nikki Dugas is the daughter of his boss.  Growing up together, he comes from the other side of the tracks being as poor as she was wealthy, he knew next to his mother, he knew that he could share anything with Nikki.  Even though she was a very ill lady with a bad case of diabetes, his mother worked very hard as a cashier at Mire’s grocery.  They both worked very hard to make ends meet, his mother insisting on his saving all that he could to attend the Vo-Tech so he could make a better life for both of them. 


Nikki entered to barn to offer her help when Jonas took notice that she had surely grown up all of a sudden.  He couldn’t help his body’s reaction to the heat her body gave out.  Nikki didn’t let the moment go to waste as she cupped his manliness in her hands and let him know that she was going to change the status of their relationship from this moment on.  They not only shared their bodies, but the feelings of what have been growing within their hearts and souls all these years as they expressed their love for each other. 


After receiving the devastating news from her father that she will be sent away to school in the fall, she heads to Jonas’ consoling arms they fall asleep in his bed after sharing a earth shattering session of love making.  But, tragedy hit and changes everything when his mother becomes deathly ill and is told that the she needs a kidney transplant or she will die.  He doesn’t know what to do since they have no insurance and not enough money to cover the expense of such a surgery.  Jonas realizes he must betray Nikki’s love in order to save his mother.


Nikki is determined to put the bad behind her as returns to town after attending school for two years.  But, when she sees the truth behind Jonas betrayal, it only opens the fires of her heart and body again as they come together and start to make plans for a future together.  She is dealt one final shocking blow when she sees the kind of man her father really is.


SWEET SUMMER RAIN is a heart searching tale of the two young souls Nikki and Jonas who must sacrifice everything because of her dominate father.  Cheri Valmont brings her reader a story that is not for the faint hearted as it explores the sexual tastes of dominance with a shocking twist.


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