To Serve and Protect 5: Sweet Surrender

Author: Anna Leigh Keaton

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Release Date: May 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Detective Paul Jensen has the hots for his downstairs neighbor.  Her independent spirit and generous nature attracted him.  He’s aware that she’s several years older than him, but doesn’t worry about the difference in their ages.  He wants her, and after thwarting a would-be attacker in her apartment, he’s convinced that dreams just might come true.


Since her divorce eight years ago, Celeste Kolowski has lived a quiet safe life.  Loneliness and a desire for sex with a real man instead of toys lead her to picking up a stranger and a night of disastrous results. Or it would have been if her nearly naked neighbor hadn’t intervened. 


Paul’s been attracted to Celeste ever since she moved in downstairs.  He’s teased himself with the tantalizing scents of her cooking through the vents  and even relishes the sounds of her ‘going solo.’  Listening through the vent is also how he learns that she’s brought a man home and her ‘date’ doesn’t want to accept that she’s changed her mind.  After rescuing her and arresting the would-be rapist, Paul’s primary concern is making sure that Celeste is all right.


Celeste can’t help but blame herself for the events that occurred.  After all, she invited Zane back knowing that he expected sex. Paul knows what happened isn’t her fault and informs her of that fact but her revelation that she’s simply ‘too old to get laid’ has him dying to prove her wrong. Yes, she’s older than him but he’s spent a lot of time thinking of her in a romantic way. 


Celeste has done plenty of fantasizing about Paul too, but she’s convinced that she’s too old and fat for a young good-looking guy.  Her own daughters have had crushes on him for the past five years so he can obviously get someone much younger, so what could he possibly want with her - unless he’s got some older woman fantasy.  Paul’s about to show her that just because she’s older she’s certainly no less desirable.  All he has to do is figure out how to get her to give him a chance.


I had a great time reading SWEET SURRENDER.  The characters are simply delightful and realistic.  Celeste’s attitude is typical of many middle age women who don’t believe they’re sexually desirable.  Paul is absolutely loveable.  He makes no apologies for his feelings but convincing Celeste that his intentions are not born out of pity is a little complex.  While the sex in this story is positively smoldering, it was the emotional shut down Celeste has enforced on herself that captivated me and couldn’t wait to find out if Paul could get her to risk her heart on him.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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