Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise

Author: Kate Carlisle

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 30, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Julia owns a bakery called Cupcakes. After discovering this bakery and the luscious pastries that Julia makes, Cameron’s mother had insisted that her sons try them. This had started Julia’s pastries being sold at the Duke resorts and brought Julia to Cameron’s attention. They had had a passionate weekend, which resulted in Julia having a son named Jake. She had tried to email the news to Cameron, but he never read them. Julia has had feelings for Cameron, but she wants more than an affair, she wants a man who will love her. After the weekend they spent together, he had told her that he does not do relationships and once their time is over, he never looks back.

Cameron and his two foster brothers, Adam and Brandon, had made a pact never to marry after seeing violence in their own families. His earliest memories of those of abuse until the wealthy Sally Duke came into his life. He and his foster brothers had been rescued from the system by Sally Duke. At the age of seven, Cameron had lost his parents; his alcoholic mother and abusive father. He has always been careful to avoid getting any of his lovers pregnant. So he was shocked when he discovered that his former lover had had his child. Believing that Julia was out for his money, he refused to believe that Jake was his and demanded a paternity test. He could not wait to introduce her to little Jake, even though she would be disappointed that he was not marrying Jake’s mom. Although he tried to deny that the child was his, all it took was one look at the child, who was his spitting image to know that the child was his as his mother could attest. His mom, Sally, was thrilled as she had been trying to get her foster sons to marry so they could give her some grandchildren. Cameron had received the emails that Julia sent, but thinking that she had become obsessed with him, he refused to read them.

Cameron had been surprised when he walked into his hotel suite and discovered Julia. But he had been ready to take up with her where they had left off…that is, until he heard a child’s cries. Cameron was supposed to be out of town on business and since Julia had business of her own in town, Cameron’s mother had offered her the use of Cameron’s hotel suite. She had assured Julia that she would not run into Cameron while she was there.

Once Cameron is convinced that Jake is he, he asks Julia to marry him, a marriage of convenience. He warns her that the marriage is only for Jake’s sake and that there would be no love…ever. Still he cannot deny his passion for her. As for Julia, she does not need or want his money. She has a fortune of her own. Although, at first, she accepts his conditions, she soon regrets them as she falls in love with him. But can she convince him to give love a chance and turn their marriage of convenience into a marriage of love?

A heartwarming read, SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE, the second book in author Kate Carlisle’s DUKE BROTHERS series, is a witty and passionate contemporary romance. Cameron had negative feelings about love after seeing his father beat his mother in the name of love. Not wanting to hurt anyone like his father had, he decided that he would never love anyone.  But discovering that Jake is his, he cannot help but love him and want to protect him. Readers of the first book will also get a chance to reconnect with those characters. Deliciously filled to the brim with witty banter, an interesting plot, romance and plenty of love, this story is a keeper. The first book is THE MILLIONAIRE MEETS HIS MATCH and tells the story of Cameron's brother, Adam. Ms. Carlisle’s newest book HOW TO SEDUCE A BILLIONAIRE, which is out this month, is Brandon’s story. Do not miss this exciting series.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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