Sweet Tea at Sunrise
By Dottie
Jul 1, 2010 - 5:16:45 PM

Sarah Price is a divorcee with two children. Her husband had changed after their marriage, becoming more like his parents.  She had heard enough about her weight, her disorganization and her lack of mothering skills.  With the help of her two best friends, Annie and Raylene, she had finally managed to get a divorce from Walter and his entire controlling family. She also fought and won custody of their two children.  But since her marriage, she is well aware of any flaws she has. After divorcing her verbally abusive husband, she and her children moved back to her hometown in Serenity, South Carolina to get away from her critical in-laws, as well as her husband.  But in retaliation for filing for divorce, Walter had made sure she did not have a shred of self-esteem left.  After the move to her hometown, she took a part-time job waiting on tables at Wharton’s, mostly to get out of the house. Though she has a teaching degree, school is almost out for the summer.  In the past few months, she has worked hard to get herself back in shape, losing most of the weight accumulated during her two pregnancies.


Travis MacDonald is staying with his cousin Tom, the town manager.  Both Tom and Travis had been college baseball standouts.  Travis had gone pro and, after being traded around to various farm teams, he had made it to the majors with the Boston Red Sox.  The fact that he had been playing for a northern team nearly killed his southern blueblood family.  A couple of weeks ago, his career had come to a halt when the Red Socks had let him go, and he had not been picked up by any other team.  He called his cousin Tom, who invited him to stay with him until he decided what he wanted to do now. 


For the past few days, the same man has come into Wharton’s, where Sarah works, and flirted with her, making Sarah very uncomfortable.  The man was very good looking, but she already knew her flaws and could not believe this good looking man was flirting with her.  Besides, she wasn’t ready for another man, she just got rid of one.


Travis recently discovered a small radio station for sale, but he wanted to run it by Tom before deciding anything.  Despite Tom’s aversion to Travis buying the radio station, Travis goes ahead with it.  He also talks Sarah into coming to work with him.  Though Travis likes to flirt, at first, Sarah does not pay him any attention.  After all, she does not want to get hurt again, and she is leery of his reputation with women. But the more she works with him, the more she is drawn to him. Can he get past her fears so they can be together?


SWEET TEA AT SUNRISE, the latest book in the SWEET MAGNOLIAS series, is a delightful contemporary romance.  Author Sherryl Woods delves into her characters, even Sarah’s ex-husband Walter, who, after the divorce, begins to realize how badly he treated Sarah and how he had changed into his parents.  He is understanding and defends her against his parents.  Also when Travis decides to start a radio station, he renovates the building, keeping the windows blocked so no one can see what he is doing.  He is being highly secretive and has the townspeople extremely curious over what type of shop he is opening.  Some even get angry and suspect that he will be selling sex toys.  Containing humor, an entertaining plot, charismatic well-drawn characters, believable dialogue and love, SWEET TEA AT SUNRISE is an enticing book to while away a summer’s afternoon.


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