Wild Irish series, Book Four: Sweet Thursday
By Cheryl McInnis
Aug 1, 2010 - 12:22:02 PM

In high school, Lily Watterson was the classic good girl. She studied hard, got good grades and followed all the rules. The only excitement in her life was found by living vicariously through her two best friends, Killian and Justin, the two wildest boys at their school. Lily spent her teenage years madly in love with both K and J, unable to choose between them and too shy to speak up. Before she could gather up enough courage to tell them, it was time for Lily to leave for college and for the boys to head off to boot camp.

Ten years later, Killian and Justin are back from serving in Iraq and are co-owners of a thriving construction business as well as roommates. On a lark, the two decide to attend their high school reunion, where they finally see Lily again for the first time since high school. To their amazement, shy and sweet Lily has matured into a red-hot babe. This Lily knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it…and what she wants is one night of hot, steamy sex with the two men she has never stopped wanting.


Lily thinks that finally sleeping with K and J will get them out of her system, or at least leave her able to decide which man is the one for her. Unfortunately, their erotic encounter left Lily wanting more, and she is even deeper in love with both men. Lily knows that ménage relationships aren’t for good girls like her. She is frightened to think of the reactions of the people she loves, and so is Killian. But Justin knows that what they have found together is special, and he’s not going to let the other two walk away without fighting for their future.


SWEET THURSDAY is the fourth installment of author Mari Carr’s WILD IRISH series about the lovable Collins family, and it is, by far, the steamiest and most daring yet. Featuring Killian Collins and his two best friends, Justin and Lily, SWEET THURSDAY is the story of three people who have to decide if their love for each other is worth daring to be different. I really love how this story dug deep into all the difficulties, emotional and social, that lovers involved in a ménage relationship must face. With really great dialogue, very sensual love scenes and welcome appearances from past characters, SWEET THURSDAY was everything I was hoping it would be. If you haven’t discovered this wonderful series yet, I highly recommend that you do!




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