Sweet Treats
By Phyllis Ingram
Dec 10, 2007 - 10:33:00 AM

Arnold is assigned to the International cases and will be working with Jack MacAddison .  He happens to be the man with the incredible voice.  Jack decides that nothing can happen between Erika and him as she is the niece of his boss, even though he is utterly fascinated by her. Mirabel Grady, a junior partner in Contracts, is in lust with Jack and decides that she is going to marry him.  When she sees Jack checking out Erika , her jealousy arises.   Mirabel does not like Mark immediately because he is too good looking and immediately thinks that Mark is gay. 

Erika is Fey, has an ability to read thoughts and this makes for very interesting activity when she has to go to court with Jack MacAddison. He wants to know, of course, how she knew to ask what questions of the witness.  Do Erika and Jack get together?  Does Mirabel's jealousy get her Jack

SWEET TREATS by J. J. Massa was a wonderful read.  I definitely enjoyed the honest friendship between Erika and Mark .  You don't find too many friendships that last through many years.  I also enjoyed the minor characters and would love to read more about them.

NOTE: This title was previously released elsewhere as EYE CANDY

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