Sweet Water
By Brooke Wills
Jan 1, 2006 - 2:02:00 AM

Aqua Dulce, Texas is not the kind of place people move to intentionally.  The fact it only has nine residents is testament to that.  But the towns people are fiercely protective of their small area, and when it is sold on eBay, they are wondering just exactly how their peaceful lives are going to change.

Marisa Rutherford had escaped the small dusty town for awhile but  now she is back because her mother needs her.  Raylene is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and Marisa is the only one she has to take care of her and run the tiny cafe now since she is no longer able.  That is just fine with Marisa.  She'll do anything for her mother, and for the town's quirky residents.  But what will happen to the town now that it's been purchased by a real estate developer who has big plans to turn it into a mini-city?

Terry Ledger has been in the development business for a long time, and he didn't get successful by being soft and kind-hearted.  He has wonderful ideas for a new development in the dusty town he's just purchased.  Wow!  His own town!  It's a very risky venture.  After all, Agua Dulce is in the middle of nowhere, but he thrives on adventure.  He skydives as a hobby!  But his latest project becomes even riskier when he begins to lose his heart to one pint-sized, hardheaded, sexy dynamo.

SWEET WATER is Anna Jeffrey's latest novel, and it is her best yet!  Sexy, tender, romantic doesn't begin to describe how wonderful this story is.  One minute you'll laugh, the next minute will find you tearing up.  But one thing is for sure, when you reach the last page, you'll be thoroughly satisfied.  Anna Jeffrey is definitely an author to watch for!

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