Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice

Author: Kimberly Raye

Publisher: Warner Forever

Release Date: August 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Eve Farrell is owner and producer of a sex video company, Sugar & Spice Sinema, which teaches couples how to spice up their sex lives. She believes that marriage is nonsensical.  At her sister's wedding reception, Eve freaks when her over-bearing mother tells her that she and Eve need to spend more time together.  But Eve needs to be left alone for the next nine months to complete a documentary that could launch her producing career.  When she spies Linc sitting in a freezer, they come up with the idea to get married to get everyone off their backs.  Eve is completely unprepared for the electricity that vibrates between them.  Will Eve get over her fear of commitment and keep the only man she has ever loved?  Or will she lose him to her fear?

Linc Adams is the newest bad boy of the NASCAR race circuit, with a reputation of being a womanizer.  His family has held the seat of Mayor in his hometown for a long time; now it is Linc's turn to run and he doesn't want the position.  But his reputation of liking his cars and women fast is not deterring the voters.  When Eve approaches him about marriage, he agrees that being married to a sex queen will definitely put a black mark on his ratings.  He didn't count on falling in love with the lovely Eve Farrell.  Will Linc be able to divorce the woman he knows was made for him? 


SWEET AS SUGAR, HOT AS SPICE is a sexy and scrumptious romp.  Kimberly Raye packs a punch with humor and hot, hot sensuality in this intriguing tale of love.  Be prepared to hold your sides from laughing so hard and keep the tissues handy when the tears start falling.  Ms. Raye did a wonderful job creating two characters that seem so wrong for each other and turning it into the most beautiful happily ever after.  Ms. Raye has earned a permanent spot on my top shelf and auto buy list. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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