Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas #2)
By Jo
Jun 14, 2014 - 5:30:26 PM

SWEETEST MISTAKE (SWEET, TEXAS #2) sucked me right into the storyline and the family dynamics even though I hadn't read book one in the series but I do plan to rectify that. It's a story of best friends that go separate ways only to reconnect in the place they grow up.  Sit back and enjoy this heartwarming story of lost loves even though neither ever knew what the other was thinking.

Terry's SWEETEST MISTAKE has wonderful characters that we are shown different sides of and really get to know.  Jackson and Abby have a past and each is hoping for some type of future without knowing if they are both on the same page.  They grew up very differently due to their family dynamics but Abby was just as much a part of the Wilders as of her own family - sometimes more. The community of Sweet has lots of gossips and busybodies that keep things interesting.  There are friends, coworkers, happiness, playfulness, teasing, sadness, stupidity, fear, anger, laughter, surprises, and lots of loving. A little short on true romance but there is the happily ever after I was hoping for but didn't think I would see. An epilogue would have been nice and given better closure but since there are more Wilder brothers and their mom I know we'll be catching up with them again and I for one cannot wait!

I'm looking forward to reading the first book in the series, ANYTHING BUT SWEET, plus the third book, SOMETHING SWEETER, later this summer.  Terry is definitely being added to my always growing TBR pile!

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