Author: Opal Carew

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date: January 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Melissa Woods is a good girl. She’s a responsible adult with a demanding job, but she still finds time to mother her two younger sisters – a job she took on when their own mother abandoned them many years ago. Melissa’s thrilled when her wealthy friend Shane Mason invites her to join him at a resort he’s thinking of buying. There’s only one problem: The Sweet Surrender caters exclusively to couples who swing, so the two must pose as husband and wife. Now, conservative Melissa has to find a way to blend in with the uninhibited couples she meets there.

Private eye Ty Adams has been hired by Suzanne, the owner of The Sweet Surrender to investigate the secretive potential buyer. Ty and Suzanne have been "best friends with benefits" for years. He knows Suzanne is heartbroken to have to sell her resort, so he dislikes the buyer before even meeting the person. When Melissa arrives on the scene, Ty notes how out of place she seems and immediately suspects that she's the buyer. He wants to hate her, but instead he finds himself overwhelmed with an instinctive desire to protect her. When Ty rescues Melissa from an embarrassing party game, he realizes that she’s equally attracted to him. As the two grow closer emotionally, Shane and Suzanne are also developing a relationship.

The fast-paced story zips from one orgiastic scene to the next, but the focus is on Melissa's journey of self-discovery. Each encounter with a fellow resort guest leads her to shed a few more inhibitions. She's surprised to discover this deeply sensual side to herself and confused because she's physically attracted to both Ty and Shane. Although she and Ty develop a particularly intense emotional connection, she doesn't want to completely shut out her good friend Shane. How can she choose between the two men? Does she really need to choose at all?

Opal Carew's SWING is a blazing hot erotic romp. Despite their decision to pursue an unconventional relationship, Melissa and Ty remain a likeable, fun couple. The reader can really feel their devotion to one another, and the chemistry between them just about ignites the pages of this book. SWING is a must-read for lovers of erotic romance.   The unexpected ending might not be for all tastes, but if you're open-minded enough, it'll certainly heat up your relationship with that special friend – or friends!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

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