Swinging Games: Complexities
By Angel Brewer
Feb 14, 2010 - 1:02:17 PM

Jen and Brett Andrews are not your average couple, in fact they have a secret that keeps them very happy.  Fact is Jen and Brett are swingers and they happen to love their sex lives.  Switching partners would upset most marriages, but with Jen and Brett it’s just the spice they need to keep their marriage interesting.  Problems arise when their friends find out why the couple is so happy and just why their sex life is so satisfying.  Can their friends accept the lifestyle they lead or will they wind up ostracizing the couple for their sexual adventures?

SWINGING GAMES: COMPLEXITIES is a fast paced complicated tale and readers are sure to enjoy it.  Word of warning this story is hotter than hot and Jen and Brett are a no holds barred couple.  Readers who enjoy monogamous relationships may find the idea of a married couple who has different sexual partners a little disconcerting, however, the plot is great and keeps the reader turning the pages.  Passionate encounters are smoking to say the least and Jen and Brett are both complex characters that the reader will enjoy finding out about.  Adriana Kraft has done an excellent job of creating a story about a couple in an alternate marriage and is sure to gain more readers with this tale.

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