Switch Me Up
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 21, 2013 - 7:50:14 PM

Steve’s caved into John’s suggestion that he join a dating website in search of female companionship.  It’s been years since his divorce and since then he’s avoided any sort of romantic relationships.  He’s a healthy man and enjoys sex but doesn’t want the emotional drama most women seem to need. 

Clare might appear to be innocent, like the kind of girl you’d take home to mama, however, underneath that façade is a sex kitten just looking for a man to stroke her just right.  She might be ten years Steve’s junior but maybe her age, zest for life and sexual adventurousness is just what he needs to break him out of his sexual lull.


Steve’s not sure how it happened.  He purposely restricted his preferences on the dating site hoping to avoid anything too out of his comfort zone – but it’s obvious Clare is more wild and adventurous than he might have dared dream.  Her whole demeanor screams ‘take me,’ but as Steve will soon discover Clare is a take charge kind of gal and she’s not going to wait for him to make the first move.  She fully intends to stay the night at his place and even brought an overnight bag with her.  It’s packed full of toys she fully intends to put to good use.  Steve might not fully understand what’s going on but he’s certainly not going to pass up the opportunity for a night of wild sex with a gorgeous woman.


SWITCH ME UP is an EC for Men title and I could certainly see where it delivers extremely well in that aspect.  Cristal Ryder tells a steamy story that embraces all the pleasure to be found when a seemingly innocent date takes a turn into the unexpected.  As a woman I’m used to reading stories with the woman in a more submissive role so it was interesting to read one where the female is the aggressor and the male isn’t quite sure what to think.  This isn’t a hearts and flowers or even necessarily a happily-ever-after romance but it does give the reader a different perspective on how men and women think and feel when it comes to relationships.


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