Author: Mary Castillo

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Aggie feels neglected after her best friend Nely gives birth. Aggie, a skinny, fashionable boutique owner, secretly wishes for a family like Nely’s.   Aggie’s loneliness is compounded with the loss of her mother.   Besides that, she can’t maintain love relationships.   Her male friend, Kevin, is making advances, and she’s attracted to him.   Nely detests womanizing Kevin and warns Aggie not to become intimate.   Nely adores her doting husband, Simon, and tiny Audrey but wishes she could lose the baby fat and look more like the urbane Aggie.   In addition, Nely can’t stop her meddling mother-in-law from insulting her.


When Aggie hears about a spa where a guru communicates with the dead, she hopes to make contact with her dead mother.   Also, Aggie thinks a spa weekend would be a way to reconnect with Nely.   In a split second, Nely agrees, and Aggie makes reservations for the two of them.   Following a torch-lit path at the spa, Aggie and Nely begin to annoy each other.   Feeling edgy, both women want to go home when the head guru comes out of the night.   After shivering through a whirling cacophony, Nely gushes about her slimness, and Aggie feels way too soft.   In another moment, they realized they’ve been switched.   They confront the guru only to learn they have each other’s bodies on loan for a month.    Is this the guru’s special brand of payback when he makes them experience each other’s life?

SWITCHCRAFT is Mary Castillo’s third Latina novel.   I found myself chuckling at the agonizing situations and then realized that author Castillo had me in the palm of her hand.    I identified with the outrageous problems Nely had with her controlling mother-in-law and felt satisfied when spunky Aggie (as Nely) insisted on respect.   I found Nely adorable when she missed her husband and baby just when (as Aggie) she thought she’d enjoy some freedom. Castillo’s fresh wit entertained me from beginning to end.   I highly recommend SWITCHCRAFT to my chick-lit loving friends, whether or not they are Latinas.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R

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