Switched, Bothered And Bewildered

Author: Suzanne Macpherson

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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When Jillian talks Jana Lee into going on a spa weekend with her so that she can unwind from her stressful job, Jillian gets a wild idea about switching places with each other for just a week so that she can have a chance to pull herself together just a little bit more before going back to work.  At first Jana Lee doesn't want anything to do with it; but as always Jillian talks her into it by making her feel guilty that her sister is going through a rough patch.  It didn't help remembering how Jillian was there for her when her husband Bill died.  Against Jana Lee's better judgment she agrees to one week.  They made a bet that within a week Jana Lee's daughter wouldn't notice that they had changed places and Jillian said that it would take a minute for her assistant Oliver to know that Jana Lee wasn't Jillian.

When Jillian gets to Jana Lee's house she can't believe the mess she has walked into.  The house hasn't been changed since their parents had lived in the house.  The first thing Jillian starts doing is remodeling the house for her sister.  It helps that the man she has hired to do all the remodeling of the house is a hunk.  Jillian decides that it would be a great surprise for her sister to leave her a man to come home to when she gets back.  What she didn't count on was that she would develop feelings for the handyman Dean.  What is Jillian going to do now; she has already stolen one man from her sister back when they were in college.

When Jana Lee gets to the office of Pitman Toys and into Jillian's office she notices the difference between them right off.  Jillian is really organized everything in its on place and she is not at all organized.  To top it off the man that Jillian has been talking about kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas walks in and plants a big hot kiss on Jana Lee.  Jana Lee wasn't ready for the feelings that the kiss started inside of her.  Jana Lee thought that all those feelings had died with her husband Bill.  What is Jana Lee to do, she doesn't want to take the man that she knows Jillian is interested in; but she hasn't felt anything like that kiss in a long time.

What are Jillian and Jana Lee going to do now that they have switched places?  They weren't expecting to actually like the life they were pretending to play until they were actually having the chance to enjoy the others life.  Will they fight for what they want or will they give it all up for what they think the other would want them to do?

It is funny when you get SWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED until it happens to you.  What will Jackson and Dean do with these set of twins, will they forgive them and try to make a go at it with the ones that they have fallen in love with, or let their pride stand in the way?

I really enjoyed reading SWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED and believe me it will keep you entertained to where you are laughing at the way things happen and will fall in love with them all at the same time.

You will have to read SWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED to find out all the crazy stunts these two sisters go through just too finally find what they have been looking for; but have been to stubborn and looking in the wrong places.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tammy Kelley

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