Club Rio Brava Series – Switching Control, Book #2
By Nickie Langdon
Oct 4, 2008 - 1:55:43 PM

Dr. Tom Latimer longs for that perfect woman in his life. One who will submit, love and want to be with him forever. Selina Harrison has lost her trust in men and tries so hard to project her new status as a Domme. Is it possible for these two to connect?

Dr. Tom Latimer is a respected member of the San Antonio, TX community and is a doctor of anesthesiology with a respected trauma surgical team. Tom desperately wants to settle down – but the right woman is essential. He’s almost willing to settle for a vanilla life if that’s what it takes. His current girlfriend is not into kink in any form.


Selina Harrison came home to lick her wounds and start her life over after being tossed out by her ex-husband who was a sadistic and brutal Master. She carries the emotional scars and has big trust issues. There’s no way she’s willing to let go and allow another man to dominate her. Instead, she can be found at the Rio Brava Club where she passes herself off as a Domme.


Tom feels a kinship with Selina but he can’t quite put his finger on where and when he met her. Her luscious curves are a big turn-on for him and he’d like nothing more than to rip the black cat woman suit and corset off her body and make love to her.


Selina recognizes Tom as the man who befriended her some years before when they attended a sixteenth birthday party for one of his cousins. She can’t forget how nice he was to her and how he invited the plump girl that she was out onto the dance floor and treated her the same way as he did the other girls.


Recognition takes a while but when it comes, Tom pulls out all the stops to convince Selina to trust him.


CLUB RIO BRAVA: SWITCHING CONTROL is the second in Ann Jacobs’s new BDSM series. I felt an immediate connection to Selina. Her weight problem is something a lot of people suffer and when a special someone goes out of his way to prove his love, you feel like you’re sitting on top of the world. For Selina the trust is slow in coming. Her ex-husband used her weight against her, made fun of and abused her. Tom has a long road ahead of him to make her feel special again.


Tom Latimer is a most loving dominant man. He coaxes Selina out of her shell, doesn’t allow her to dwell on her past. Their potential relationship is a work-in-progress. This is the forever woman for him and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her, too.


Another story from Ann Jacobs that you do not want to miss! The BDSM elements are written with love and tenderness. Grab a tissue and settle down to a very romantic read. You won’t regret it.


The books in the CLUB RIO BRAVA series can be read individually. I look forward to UNEXPECTED CONTROL scheduled for release in January, 2009 and LEARNING CONTROL to follow in March. Mark your calendars and enjoy.

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