Rose & Thorn Society - Switching Seth
By jhayboy
Mar 23, 2009 - 1:32:20 AM

Seth Carter and his Master Marcus are the perfect couple; Seth being the perfect submissive is everything that Marcus could have asked for or ever need. Seth on the other hand is so in love with Marcus, he’s constantly amazed that they are together, however he has recently developed a yearning to stand on the other side of the whip.

Knowing that he would never master Marcus, he sets about finding his own submissive. They only fly in the ointment in accomplishing his goal is that he would like their third to be a woman.

Carla Nelson is a little nervous on her way to her first meeting of the local chapter of the Rose & Thorn Society BDSM club; she perks up considerably when she sees that the tall drink of water who she met earlier is also a member. And just as her thoughts were earlier - he is the perfect man for her.

Some things are just too good to be true as Carla finds out quickly enough, as Seth is not only in a relationship but gay as well. All is not lost however as he soon approaches her with a proposition that she simply can’t say no to – after all she gets Seth as part of the bargain.     

What can I say; Ms. Hill is on to a winner. SWITCHING SETH ticks all my buttons and definitely fulfills a good portion of my fantasies.

Marcus and Seth have a good thing going, liking what they have and comfortable with how they are together. Marcus has never questioned Seth’s love or loyalties to him; however when Seth expresses an interest in switching, he makes it clear, he will not be dominated, which only leaves one other alternative – a third.

Carla makes it clear from the first that she is attracted to Seth even if she has to accept Marcus as apart of the bargain. Things go better than expected – but they also get worse than they imagine.

SWITCHING SETH is the first in Ms. Hill’s ROSE & THORN SOCIETY series, and if this first book is anything to go by, we are in for an exciting time – I am dreading the wait already for the next book.

Ms. Hill takes our hand and leads us into this world of paddle, ropes and Masters. At no point was I turned off or even surprisingly put off by her gentle introduction to the BDSM world or the scenes that makes Marcus, Carla and Seth such exciting people to see develop and fall in love and in hate as well.

There are moments when you just thought yeah - the same old thing, we’ve had this before, but then the author brings all your concern to the table and a whole new ballgame begins. We get the angst, the concern, the fear and with all good series, she’s just given us enough to sink our teeth into, but the unanswered questions will have you penciling bright red on your calendar the date for the next installment in this series.

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