Sylvie's Gift
By Claudia McRay
Mar 1, 2005 - 7:56:00 AM

Sylvie Taylor is a dynamic woman in her job and quite intimidating at times, to the men who work with her. She dates men whose careers are a compliment to her own. She's never experienced fulfillment with any of these men and accepts it for what it is. Her best friend, Allison, talks her into changing her image for a night and going to a special kind of party. Sylvie buys the clothes and accompanies Allison. The more she finds out about the kind of party and the expectations, the more afraid she is that she's totally out of place.

Daimaen Sinclair is a self-made man. He's rich, handsome and can have any woman he wants. The problem is, he's still searching for 'the' woman. He's at the party, bored and ready to say goodnight when Allison and Sylvie arrive. Something about the woman with Allison intrigues him and pulls at his soul. He insists Allison introduce them.

SYLVIE'S GIFT follows the progression of a powerful businesswoman through a metamorphosis that will change her whole life and the way she views it, without sacrificing her tough business persona. This man who falls in love with her will pull her into his world of D/s and introduce her to a side of life she's never considered. In the back of her mind she still pictures her father's abusiveness toward her mother, of how he taught Sylvie to always be in charge and never let anyone else gain the upper hand. Very carefully, with lots of love and understanding, Daimaen breaks down those barriers. He uses the D/s aspect of their newfound relationship to pull the real Sylvie to the front, teaching her the difference between their relationship and that of her parents. The Master in him brought the submissive in her to life, free of her emotional scars. I admired the way he taught her to give him control and accept what he wished her to experience. I felt the love in him for her as I read those passages.


An underlying aspect in the story of SYLVIE'S GIFT is the fact that someone is trying to kill her. Who and why? More importantly, where does Daimaen fit in the intrigue?  I highly recommend this book. Adrianna Dane's visual wordweaving abilities will pull you in and keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last page. You'll need a few tissues and a bucket of ice; however, it's well worth it to see how it all ends.

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