By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 10, 2011 - 12:39:55 PM

Vivian Walcourt doesn’t know what to think about her friend Carol’s obviously lust inspired impending marriage but she definitely isn’t comfortable with indulging in celebratory drinks at the adult club Sensations.  Vivian’s never been to an adult club… it just doesn’t fit with her conservative image, however that doesn’t mean her fantasies are tame.  In fact, they’re far from it and when she discovers that Carol’s fiancé’s business partner is none other than “Paul of ‘if I wasn’t married, what wouldn’t I do with that man’ fame” she just knows that her conservative image is about to be blown.

Paul Landis can’t believe his eyes when he recognizes his partner’s fiance’s best friend as Vivian, the only woman who’s ever tempted him to defy his rule of not pursuing a married lady.  He hasn’t seen her in years but that doesn’t stem the surge of desire he feels for her.  Fortunately Colin reassures him that Vivian is no longer married.  Now all Paul has to do is hope that the club’s entertainment and his personal charm are enough to entice Vivian to loosen up a bit and explore the wild woman desires he’s sure lurk just beneath the surface.  


Carol and Colin’s romance was a whirlwind affair and while they did talk about their best friends neither of them realized that Vivian and Paul knew each other already – and lusted after each other from afar.  Since Vivian’s been out of town for several weeks she wasn’t even aware of this monumental change in Carol’s relationship status until recently.  She wants her friend to be happy but doesn’t believe Carol’s thinking with a clear head.  She’s intent on talking her friend into slowing down and really thinking about what she’s doing… but then Vivian spots Paul and realizes she should be more concerned about her own discomfiting desires.  Combine her long neglected libido, the sheer eroticism of the club and Paul’s raw sexual appeal and Vivian is helpless to resist, but what toll will the encounter take on her wary heart?


SENSATIONS is a fun read that tickles your funny bone while firing your lusty imagination.  Tessie Bradford does an excellent job bringing all these characters to life in a genuinely likeable fashion.  The storyline is scalding hot yet still maintains its emotional appeal.  I’m actually very impressed with how easily and quickly Ms. Bradford drew me into the story and made me care about what happened with the characters.  They displayed a vulnerability that makes the reader smile and cross their fingers as you hope that they find their happily-ever-after – and all the naughty BDSM games their hearts desire.


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