The Service Club, Book 1 - Forty-Eight Hour Burn
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 9, 2012 - 8:54:49 PM

Georgia Cooper has ignored her desires for Garvin and Randy long enough.  All her daddy’s warnings are wasted because she’s going after her men.  The easiest way to gain their undivided attention – start a small controlled fire and wait for her firefighters to show up to put it out.  Fortunately her plan works out perfectly and they get her message loud and clear.  However, while they put out the fire she started using gasoline and matches, the inner one she’s been fighting since she was about fifteen is going to have to burn for a few hours longer – until the end of their shift.


Gavin Scott and Randy Pope are card carrying members of the Service Club, an exclusive group of men who work in public service and enjoy BDSM.  Gavin might have seen Georgia first and known her for years but Randy’s just as much in love with her.  They’ve just been biding their time until she’s ready to accept everything they have to offer – especially their dominance.


Sexually, there’s no doubt that Georgia, Gavin and Randy are on the same wavelength. Oh they know how to make her burn in ways she never anticipated but the desire between them is unmistakable.  She’s well aware that being with two dominate men won’t be easy.  Gavin’s already made it clear that he does not like her working while Randy understands that she enjoys her job caring for children at a daycare center.  She’ll have forty-eight hours to decide if they’re what she really wants.  Twenty-four hours to experience the wonders of being with Gavin and Randy.  Then twenty-four hours without them so that she can consider her options without their influence.  This is it.  An ultimatum!  She either agrees to be their woman and all that entails or everything ends and the ball’s completely in her court.


FORTY-EIGHT HOUR BURN is a wild and enticing introduction to the SERVICE CLUB series.  With strong-willed characters, passionate encounters, and tons of witty dialogue it’s easy to become caught up in the storyline and eagerly read the entire book in one sitting.  I really enjoyed getting to know Georgia, Randy and Gavin and imagining their twenty-four hours together even though I was definitely annoyed by Gavin’s insistence that Georgia quit her job – until it’s explained later in the story.  Georgia’s no push over and she certainly challenges her men which is a lot of fun and easy to imagine her keeping them in line for years to come.  Tonya Ramagos doesn’t just tell a scorching hot story with FORTY-EIGHT HOUR BURN, she takes you on a sexual and emotional journey with a touch of suspense that leaves you excited to pick up the next title in the series.


Want to learn more about the SERVICE CLUB members and their sinfully delightful dedication to pleasuring their women, then be sure to pick up copies of the other titles in this series.



and on October 22, 2012 the fourth book, HANDS ON JUSTICE is due to be released.

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