Someone to Love Me
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 9, 2011 - 6:05:40 PM

Luke Remington has been a recluse living in the Alaskan wilderness for years.  His only connection with the outside world comes in the spring when he travels to town for supplies; otherwise his only company is a wolf he rescued and the occasional visit from other people who choose to live as he does for one reason or another.  No way is he set up for a semi-permanent house guest, but that’s exactly what he gets when he goes out in search of survivors of a plane crash near his cabin.

Charlie Wayne’s snap decision to fly home and surprise her parents on their wedding anniversary is something she’s come to regret.  Her plane has crashed and since she didn’t tell her family where she was going it could be a while before anyone comes looking for her.  The last thing she expects is to be rescued by some standoffish mountain man and to become an unwanted guest in his home.


Charlie’s no stranger to heartache.  She’s suffered a huge loss yet still has the courage to continue with life – including getting back on track with her singing career.  Of course the plane crash might mean she’ll miss her next singing engagement but that isn’t her biggest concern.  She’s far more worried about her parents’ reaction when they learn of her plane crash.  Luke’s home is a one room cabin with no telephone so she can’t even call to let them know she’s okay.  In order to distract herself from her own worries, Charlie begins to work at unraveling the mystery behind Luke’s lonely existence.  Charlie struggles with her attraction to Luke since he doesn’t seem to like her at all, but there’s no way they can live in such close proximity and not act on their needs and desires – even if Luke isn’t prepared to accept everything Charlie has to offer. 



SOMEONE TO LOVE ME is a sweetly passionate story of love, loss, hope and determination but most of all it’s a beautiful testament to the power of the human spirit.  Tory Richards’ writing pulls the reader into the story so that you’re able to laugh, smile, cry and growl in frustration right along with Charlie and Luke.  My heart broke more than once for these characters who have seen more than their fair share of heartache and I wanted them to get their happily ever after but was so afraid that the real world would intrude and they’d be pulled apart.  The isolation of the Alaskan wilderness is the perfect backdrop for Charlie and Luke’s story to unfold since avoiding each other or their feelings is practically impossible – and at times leads to comical situations.  I have to admit I have a lot of questions about what happens after this story ends so I’m definitely hoping we’ll see these characters again in future books… maybe even a romance for Charlie’s brother Steve, who seems to be a mystery but oh so very sexy. 


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