The Cowboy Way
By Kris Jones
May 11, 2009 - 3:07:58 PM

Children's book illustrator Lacey Owens takes a break at her father's ranch. She's stayed away for quite awhile because the woman her dad married isn't Lacey's cup of tea. Maybe she should have gone home more often, though, because she discovers things aren't as she thought. For one thing, due to strapped finances, her dad had to take on a partner to keep the ranch operating. For another, a man whom he helped convict is now out of prison and is threatening Lacey. Most troubling, however, is the irritating ranch foreman, her dad's partner and as surly as he is sexy--and that's saying a lot. When he's put in charge of her safety, Lacey finds she doesn't want to play it safe. Not when it comes to him, anyway.

Chase Sanders owns half of the ranch, and he means to keep things running smoothly and profitably, no matter what it takes. When his partner's daughter shows up for a visit and is immediately targeted by an ex-con, it's one more thing for Chase to worry about. But taking care of what belongs to you is the cowboy way, and Chase knows Lacey is his from the moment he lays eyes on her. There are only a few complications: his brother, who's turned into a flirt while the wife's away, Stella Barnes, the rich bombshell who wants Chase in the worst way, and oh yeah, a crazed criminal out to harm Lacey in order to get back at her father.


The chemistry explodes between Chase and Lacey from the very beginning. Lacey, independent and not shy about asserting herself, resents being treated like a helpless female when trouble arises. She also hates that Chase, an arrogant, irritating cowboy, owns half of her father's ranch and then takes command of her safety…and her sanity and her fantasies. Chase can't believe he's ready to trust a woman enough to be obsessed, but Lacey took control of his heart before he knew what hit him. When trouble starts in earnest, with a fire in the barn and livestock slaughtered on the range, Chase knows he must use everything he knows to keep her safe and make her his.


THE COWBOY WAY is a fast-paced, sexy romance. Lacey is a strong heroine who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask Chase to give it to her. Chase is Alpha all the way, meeting her demands and then raising the ante. If you like cowboys (and who doesn't?) and a hot story, this is one for you.

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