Destiny's Escort
By Phyllis Ingram
Jul 12, 2004 - 10:55:00 AM

Destiny was supposed to have a date with Jonah but he claimed to miss his flight, and politely dumped her through a message on her cell phone. Destiny was dumped on the most important night of her life! As she got out of the cab, she saw a sign for Discreet Escorts.  When Destiny called, the escort service specified that they were not a prostitution ring, but an escort service.  This was fine with Destiny as she did not want to go get the award alone. 
Justin or Cody was to be her escort.

When the knock came at her door promptly at seven, she was extremely surprised to see Bobby Magee there, as her escort. He was no longer a klutz but six-foot-two and gorgeous. Destiny and Bobby went to the awards and he confessed that he had loved her for ten years. Destiny told him she was old enough to be his mother.  Bobby had seen her legs years ago, and said tha he has never thought of her as his mother.

Will Destiny get over thinking of Bobby as another son?   Will Bobby give up his thoughts of being with Destiny?  Will an older woman, younger man romance work?

DESTINY'S ESCORT was a quickie but extremely HOT!!!  Ms. Stilletto definitely keeps you interested in her stories.  I look forward to reading the next adventure written by Ms. Stilletto .

This title is also available in the print book - TRIXIE'S TREATS

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