The Dominant (The Submissive Trilogy, Book 2)

Author: Tara Sue Me

Publisher: New American Library

Release Date: August 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Nathaniel West, CEO of West Industries, is a demanding man in both his business and personal lives. As a rule he never takes on untrained submissives, he doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with introducing a woman to a lifestyle she might balk at or want to make something more of their relationship.  When Abigail King’s application crosses his desk he decides to make an exception – one that will test his own limits as well as those of an inexperienced submissive. 

Nathaniel is an exacting man and demanding Dominant.  Everything from Abigail’s workout schedule right down to the number of hours of sleep she’ll get a night are dictated by him and he expects his orders obeyed – without exception and there will definitely be punishments for any infractions.  Weekends will belong to him and kissing on the mouth is taboo.  Their relationship isn’t going to be personal, it’s a ‘business’ venture more or less with each of them satisfying each other’s needs.  What he doesn’t expect is to find himself wanting to break his own rules and fall in love with Abigail.  Collaring her is important to him, but owning her heart as well as her body is quickly becoming a priority.


Told totally from Nathaniel’s point of view, THE DOMINANT came as a surprise to me simply because I’m so used to books that deal with both the Dominant and the submissive points of view in the same read.  Somehow that small difference makes this story a more powerful read because as a reader we’re able to see Nathaniel’s confidence, his discontent, fear, passion, confusion, anger and every single other combination of emotions that are so prevalent when involved in any relationship.  Admittedly I haven’t yet read THE SUBMISSIVE so I wasn’t privy to Abigail’s scope of her relationship with Nathaniel before I picked up this book but I don’t think it makes much difference since in essence they’re the same story just told from different points of view.  I really didn’t care much for Nathaniel at the beginning of this read since he seemed pretentious and unfeeling, but as I read further into the story I began to see that there are reasons behind his actions and much of his exacting demeanor is a smoke screen to protect himself from being hurt. 


For those of you under the impression that this is just a knock off of the SHADES OF GREY trilogy, you might be surprised that like many other wonderful BDSM stories, this series was actually available in 2009 - long before E.L. James’ books arrived making the genre no longer taboo.


THE DOMINANT is the second book in Tara Sue Me’s THE SUBMISSIVE TRILOGY.  The other titles are:


THE TRAINING – October 2013


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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