Uniformly Hot! - Breaking the Rules
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 15, 2011 - 7:23:21 PM

Sergeant First Class Maximilian St. James is due for a stateside visit after spending the past year in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately he’s got a guilty conscious over his best friend’s injuries that have landed him in a hospital.  As a favor to his friend, Max has agreed to check in on Rico’s little sister Sophia.  According to Rico she’s a real sweetheart and gorgeous to boot.  However, romancing Sophia goes against all Max’s finely ingrained soldier’s rules:

Rule number 1 – Don’t date your buddy’s sisters.

Rule number 2 – Don’t get seriously involved when you’re serving on a dangerous tour overseas.’

Rule number 3 – Don’t get seriously involved because soldier’s make lousy husbands.

Recently widowed Sophia Castillo is immersed in a battle with her in-laws over her late husband’s estate.  The only thing she has total control of is her art gallery which her deceased husband practically ruined with his obsession with erotic art.  She’s determined to change things around and that means reestablishing the gallery’s classy background.  Unfortunately artists are continuing to send their oversized recreations of explicit body parts and someone’s out to sabotage every attempt she makes at making the gallery reputable and profitable. The last thing she needs is for her brother to attempt to play matchmaker from Afghanistan but that’s exactly what she gets – and while there’s no denying that Max is absolutely gorgeous he’s also domineering… a trait she’s not willing to tolerate from any man in her life.


Max comes from an affluent family and as such there are certain expectations that his family demands of him – including his military career.  He’s an honorable man intent on fulfilling his obligation to check in on Rico’s sister and going about his business.  However, he hadn’t anticipated being so intensely attracted to her or her refusal to accept any sort of assistance from him.  Normally women are falling all over themselves trying to get their hooks into him but Sophia’s made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  Max quickly realizes that Sophia may not want his help but she definitely needs it.  Someone is sabotaging her art gallery and he’s made it his personal mission to fix the problem for her.    Max and Sophia’s battle of wills is underscored by a sexual tension which is impossible to deny. 


Tawny Weber’s newest release, BREAKING THE RULES, is a thrilling story that will have readers laughing out loud at the surprising situations that arise throughout the story.  I thought I had the mystery behind the incidents at Sophia’s art gallery figured out so I was pleasantly astonished when the truth about the incidents are exposed.  Max won me over with his loyalty and sense of humor – which become evident very quickly in the story.  Sophia gained my respect and admiration with her strength of will and determination to make a success of the gallery despite everything that’s gone wrong.  I have to confess, initially it was the cover of this book that grabbed my attention but the character driven storyline and twists to the plot make BREAKING THE RULES a title I’ll be adding to my keeper shelf and earns Ms. Weber a spot on my ‘must read author’ list.


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