Table For Two

Author: Dara Girard

Publisher: BET Books Arabesque

Release Date: November 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Cassie Graham was knocked to the ground and her glasses flew off.  All she could clearly see were rich golden eyes that belonged to a half naked man with Brazilian nut skin. He wanted to know if she was hurt and she stated, "Nothing that a bowl of asparagus vichyssoise can't cure". He stared at her for a second, replied, "garnished with chive oil and asparagus tips" and she could not believe that she met a man that loved food as much as she does. Cassie had always said that the first man who offered her strawberries dipped in chocolate would be the father of her children.

Cassie is a real woman, and is trying to lose weight.  She does not believe that any man can be interested in her because of the attitude of her ex-husband.  Her friend Adriana is very supportive of Cassie and hated Cassie's ex-husband, Timothy Milton, the Third.  Cassie thinks that Drake should be interested in Adriana because of her smaller size.

Drake Henson is extremely successful, owning two restaurants in the DC area.   He worked hard for everything that he has, raised two younger siblings, but is looking to prove to his former classmates that he is no longer the shy invisible person he was in school.  He takes one of Cassie's seminars to learn how to be socially adept and sparks fly between them.  I liked Drake so much because he loves Cassie's personality and does not care about her weight.

TABLE FOR TWO is one of the most entertaining stories I have read in quite a while.  For one thing, the description of the foods eaten kept me quite hungry.  For another, this story seemed so true to life because of the disagreements between the characters.  This is not a man meets woman smooth love story, but is very interesting because true love does not run smooth.  Several times I got an attitude reading it because it reminded me of dumb things that I did falling in love.

TABLE FOR TWO is definitely a recommended read. There is enough foreplay to make you wonder why Cassie is so hesitant to jump his bones. As one woman said, "if you don't want him, I'll take him."  Ms. Girard loves good food, and it shows in this book.  I definitely look forward to reading the next novel by Dara Girard.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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