Table for Five
By BJ Deese
Apr 1, 2005 - 5:13:00 AM

Crystal and Derek Holloway lose their lives in a terrible car accident, and leave their three children in pain and confusion.  At the reading of the will, everyone comes to find out that Derek's brother, Sean is left with custody of the children.  Lily, Crystal's best friend and a teacher, is angry that the children weren't left to her.  After all, she was a constant part of their life, and they know and love her like a favorite aunt.  Now, Lily must come to terms with the new situation and try to make a happy life for the children.

Lily and Sean are now in the roles of parents for these precious children.  They work together to try and make a normal life for them, but it's difficult with the pain of Crystal and Derek's death.  There are many trials and tribulations to overcome.  With love that just might be possible, but it will take time.


Sean and Lily are amazing characters, and what they do for the kids shows love, courage and nobility.  They are willing to give up their own dreams to find peace for three children whose lives have been turned upside down.  This is a must-read story, and any reader will fall in love with this little family. 


Best-selling author Susan Wiggs writes with a passion that comes through on every page.  She has an astounding talent to make her characters come alive, and the characters of TABLE FOR FIVE will make your heart ache with their pain, frustration, and finally love.  I'm in awe of this author and her ability to tell a story that is compelling, beautifully written and terrifically emotional.  Sometimes, it was so hard to stop reading this story, and other times I had to put the book down, because it was so heart wrenching.  TABLE FOR FIVE is unquestionably a book that needs to go on your to buy list.  I love this author and greatly recommend any of her works, especially TABLE FOR FIVE, her upcoming release from Mira books.

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