Taboo: Taking the Job
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2007 - 7:20:03 AM

Elsie Meyers is soaked to the skin and about to have a job interview. Not a good combination, but she is trying to make the best of it. Then she lays eyes on John Bennett, the man interviewing her, and she feels like she is about to go up in steam.

John cannot take his eyes of Elsie. He knows he has seen her before he is just not sure where. He cannot believe he would ever forget such a beautiful woman though. And then it happens. A flogger tumbles out of Elise's briefcase and it clicks. John knows where he has seen her and he is more than intrigued. Elsie would make the perfect sub and John is just the man to show her all the positions he would like to put her in. But will a hot and very sensual encounter lead to something more permanent, something like love?


Continuing her TABOO series, Cheyenne McCray tackles another sexy fantasy and manages to hit all the high notes. Elsie and John have amazing chemistry and it sizzles on every page. But amidst the sex, there is a lot of laughter and true enjoyment in each other's company. I liked that part of the story best of all because it showed that there has to be a real connection outside of the heat to truly make a relationship prosper. TABOO: TAKING THE JOB is smart, sexy, and oh so erotic.

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