Tails of Love

Author: Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Kate Angell, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Patricia Sargeant, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: June 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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MAN’S BEST FRIEND by Lori Foster

Erin Schuler is forced to call on Gary Rutledge for help when she becomes stranded in the rain with a lost puppy.  Gary has been waiting months for the opportunity to get closer to Erin.  He has known and admired her for years.  However, she has been dodging his attempts at taking their friendship to a deeper level.  Now thanks to Cupid, the newly named puppy, Gary has a chance to convince Erin that they belong together.



A KNOTTY TAIL by Stella Cameron

Rose Gibb and Simon Falzone are the only occupants of their small hill on the outskirts of town.  They have lived peacefully as neighbors for the last six months, each secretly watching and yearning for the other.  Now, Clawdia, Simon’s pampered cat, has decided to work with Rose’s two terriers to bring their masters together.  A brilliant plan, a dark night and the mastermind cat are all that’s needed to help Rose and Simon take the final step toward love.  



NORAH’S ARC by Kate Angell

Mike Kraft can’t believe that his new construction site is being sabotaged by a goat!  As he approaches the owner of the petting zoo next door to his site to try to solve the problem, he falls under Norah Archer’s spell.  Her understanding demeanor and giving nature soon have Mike and his crew building a jungle gym for the wayward goat.  Mike notices that the goat tower isn’t the only thing building between him and Norah.




Rex Barkley loves Jane Garrison.  However, he has the small problem of frequently turning into a dog.  Jane’s stunned disbelief and anger at his confession doesn’t give him much hope for the future.  There is one small chance that Rex can become solely human, but he needs Jane’s help.  Can he convince Jane that he’s telling the truth and get her to help him permanently shed his canine side before it’s too late?  



ATTICUS SAVES LISA by Ann Christopher

Cruz Shaw is tired of hiding his feelings for Lisa Evans.  Lisa’s brother Keenan was in a terrible car accident two years ago, leaving him in a wheelchair and living in Lisa’s home.  With the adoption of Atticus, a capuchin monkey that has become Keenan’s therapy pet, Cruz is hopeful that Lisa might finally make time for him.  He is willing to help her through her anger and guilt in order to have a permanent place in her life.



RESCUE ME by Marcia James

Adam Baumgardner didn’t expect a sick, bedraggled dog to lead him to his old college sweetheart.  After graduation, Adam made a selfish ultimatum to Claire Mendelsohn, forcing her to choose between his career and her own.  Now, reunited in the pet shelter Rescue Me, Adam faces the mistake he made in breaking up with Claire.  As he comes to care for and adopt his foundling dog, he lays plans to adopt Claire into his life permanently as well.



LORD HAIRY by Donna MacMeans

Hannah Waverly tried for years to live up to her stepmother’s ideas of the proper behavior for a lady.  Taking in a huge, homeless dog isn’t on that list of ladylike endeavors.  As a result of her generosity to the dog, Hannah is banned from joining the rest of the family at a party being thrown by the mysterious and eligible bachelor Viscount Ashton.  With a little help from her well-meaning servants, not only Hannah arrives at the party, but also her new pet Lord Hairy follows her.  Surprises are in store when the Viscount joins the two.



DANNY’S DOG by Sarah McCarty

After tragedy strikes Kathy with the death of her son, she finds solace in an animal rescue shelter that desperately needs volunteers.  While saving a large black lab on the brink of death, Kathy knows that she doesn’t have the resources to care for him.  Now, in a last ditch effort to save the dog, she returns to her estranged husband’s home for help.  Little does she know that Walt will not only take in the dog but also refuse to let her go again.



SCAREDY CAT by Patricia Sargeant

Kendra Willis took in Thomas, a stray and badly injured cat, two months ago.  Since then, she has fallen completely in love with him.  Her boyfriend Harvey hates everything about Thomas.  As the cat schemes to reveal Harvey’s nasty nature, Kendra’s neighbor Paul Strahan comes to Thomas’ rescue.  Kendra is starting to believe that her cat may have the right instincts to help her find her mate, especially when Paul saves Thomas from a gang of street cats.



A MAN, A WOMAN, AND HAGGIS by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Jilly Pepper traveled from America to Scotland to honor the dying wishes of her grandmother.  Jilly meets Kieran MacColl with the help of a ghostly apparition in a kilt and a dog named Haggis.  As he follows his wayward pet to Jilly’s side, Kieran can’t believe that the woman looks just like his grandfather’s long lost love.  While Kieran and Jilly get to know each other, it becomes clear that their meeting was orchestrated by something more than Haggis.  Their burgeoning love could be the only thing to help their ancestors find peace.



TAILS OF LOVE is a wonderful, heartwarming collection of short stories that illustrate how love is sweeter in the company of loving animals.  These stories offer tales of how animals enrich our lives.  I can’t think of an anthology that I have enjoyed more.  Each author has a different take on the benefits that pets bring to our lives.  The authors are all donating their share of the proceeds to the Animal Adoption Foundation.  Run out and get your copy today.  You’ll get a great collection of stories and help animals in need.  TAILS OF LOVE is the first book you should buy this summer!

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