Take A Chance On Me - A Something New Novel

Author: Jennifer Dawson

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: February 4, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Ever get the feeling that your boyfriend really isn’t the right guy for you? Well, Maddie Donovan felt that right before she was to walk down the wedding aisle. Exit stage left, out of a bathroom window, which was hard with her wedding gown on.

Hightailing it out of there in minutes flat, she winds up at a bar in a Podunk town in Revival, Illinois. Maddie’s car breaks down and she walks, with aching feet, to the first building in sight, an old bar. Whoa! Who is that hot hunk of burning love behind the bar? Just maybe Maddie’s day is looking up after all!

Mitch Riley looks up as a beautiful woman, dressed in full wedding regalia, enters his bar. Well, what have we here? He can’t wait to hear her interesting tale of woe. After the lady in white downs three shots of whiskey, Mitch learns she has walked out on her wedding day. He gallantly offers to let her stay at his place, for the night or maybe two. Mitch prefers that Maddie never leave. Somehow, in the span of minutes, she has touched something deep down in his heart. Their attraction towards one another is burning hot, but Maddie desperately tries to hold out, since she considers herself to be a good girl. But, Mitch is really handsome and such a smooth talker, will these two do the mattress dance? Or will they hold onto their respective reputations?

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is a contemporary romance winner! Scalding hot romance and heartfelt drama fill the pages of this fast-moving novel. Maddie Donovan escapes out of a window minutes before she is to walk down the wedding aisle and hops in her car to freedom. But to where? Her car breaks down and Maddie doddle’s along to a bar, where she meets a scathingly handsome bartender named Mitch. Whiskey is consumed, Maddie spills her secrets, Mitch is smitten and offers his place as a respite from the stress. Maddie and Mitch definitely are attracted to one another as sparks fly when they shamelessly flirt or are near each other. However, does it end there? The author beautifully interlaces a human element of sincerity into the tale that brings to life the characters’ hopes and fears. I loved how Ms. Dawson builds up the drama after Maddie’s family appears on the scene. Watch out, here they come with lots of problems to boot! TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is warm, witty and well crafted. A wonderful indulgence for the summer season!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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