Take It On Faith
By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 4:32:00 PM

Elizabeths day can't get any worse when she leaves her fiance, or so she thinks.  When she jumps in a cab, she just wants to get as far away as possible.  This leads her to a small town, a seedy bar and getting kidnapped by bandits.  In order to keep her from being raped, she is claimed by the leader of the gang and must do whatever he says.  Problem is after a while she comes to enjoy her captor's touch.

Miguel finds out that the men of his gang have kidnapped an American woman and are fighting over her.  To protect her, he takes the woman as his own.  Miguel knows who Elizabeth is and why she is in Mexico, but he can't understand why she left her own wedding.  Miguel has his own plans and secrets, and they are certain to endanger Elizabeth.  When the time comes, will he be able to let her go?


TAKE IT ON FAITH is a wonderful adventure story full of action and non-stop suspense.  The sparks that fly between Elizabeth and Miguel are enough to start a blaze.  The plot is fantastic and the characters are vivid.  Love scenes are incredibly steamy with plenty of heat to keep the reader turning the pages.  M.L. Rhodes knows how to take a story with awesome characters and an interesting plot and draw the readers in.

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