Wild Oats, Book 2 - Take Me Again
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2009 - 3:17:35 PM

Dolan Crane isn’t having a good day!  With Doc Zimmerman preparing to retire Dolan’s preparing to take over his practice but the events of today certainly aren’t aiding his cause.  He’d like nothing more than to find a young woman to help forget his sorrows but that may not be an option at the moment.

He’s hopeful that Jester Norton’s house party will provide the perfect distraction from his disappointing day – especially if he can find a woman interested in using one of the unoccupied rooms for a little extracurricular activity.  As luck would have it the perfect woman is present at the party as well but before he gets the opportunity to speak with her – or do anything else – his cell phone rings and he has to switch back into veterinarian mode and leave.  All the while wishing he’s at least gotten the little filly’s name.


Divorcee Tracy Marx has more than her fair share of responsibilities.  She’s recently made the move to California where she intends to establish herself as a veterinarian before bringing her sister’s son Sheldon to live with her.  Both tasks are daunting.  Getting the locals to give her a chance as a vet won’t be easy but trying to be a good mom to Sheldon is scary as well.  That doesn’t stop her from being a woman with needs and desires and her passions are anything but vanilla.


Dolan isn’t at all happy to learn that there’s a new veterinarian in town.  That’s competition that he didn’t need – and the simple fact that he’s so attracted to Tracy only makes his resentment that much more intense.  His old college buddy Rowdy knows exactly what Dolan needs to lighten his mood – and he knows just the woman who dreams about being involved in a threesome and claims that she’s up for anything for their upcoming ‘date.’


Dolan and Tracy are deeply involved in a love/hate relationship and being brought together in such a fashion unleashes all the passion that they’ve both tried so desperately to keep hidden.  They each have their own issues to deal with but will their growing feelings for each other be enough to build a relationship?


Mackenzie McKade brings these characters and their troubles to life in this emotionally captivating read.  TAKE ME AGAIN delves into the trouble Tracy would face trying to establish herself as a competent vet and still allows readers to get to know her as a woman with all the hopes, dreams and fears that go along with her responsibilities.  Dolan has his own worries and desires and they’re only intensified by his attraction to Tracy.   Rowdy plays a pivotal role in this story as well and captured my heart with how much he truly cares for Tracy.  I’m really hoping that he’ll soon have a story of his very own because I honestly think he deserves a ‘happily ever after.’  I really enjoy how Ms. McKade brings Cord and Caitlyn into this story and infuses so much humor through Caitlyn’s quick witted fun loving personality and how she keeps the men on their toes.


TAKE ME AGAIN is the second story in Ms. McKade’s WILD OATS series.  If you’d like to read Cord and Caitlyn’s story then be sure to pick up a copy of TAKE ME, also available at Samhain Publishing.


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