Take Me Home
By Billie Jo
Jan 9, 2013 - 2:35:29 PM

Claire Parker is an art connoisseur who travels back to her hometown, Sanctuary.  She left New York after her painful divorce and to help her sister get better.  Claire has her dream job waiting in New York, but she will not leave until the barrier between her and her sister is mended.  While visiting the stables in Sanctuary, Claire discovers an abused horse that pulls at her heartstrings, especially since they both feel beaten down by someone they loved.  Only Claire was not prepared for the strong, sexy vet she encounters at the stable.  She is so shocked by the feelings that he elicits in her.  Will Claire open her heart to the sexy doctor and let love shine once more?  Or will her ex-husbands horrible words hold her back from finding true love again?

Dr. Tim Arbuckle is a widower and successful Veterinarian.  He moved back to Sanctuary to outrun the tragedy of his past.  Tim believes that he will never be able to open his heart again to love.  So he pours his heart and soul into caring for animals.  While out one day checking on an abused horse he encounters Claire, a woman that sends bolts of electricity to every part of his body.  He is stunned by this revelation and tries to keep her love from thawing out his cold heart.  Will Tim be able to trust love and open his heart to the only woman who can make him whole?  Or will he lose the only woman who has made him feel again?

TAKE ME HOME is a poignant love story of how true love can brighten the darkest of hearts.  Ms. Nancy Herkness pens a beautiful fairy-tale love story with charismatic characters woven into a gorgeous setting.  I really enjoyed reading Claire and Tim’s story.  But I also enjoyed the secondary characters.  There are so many real life situations in this charming tale that I could easily relate to most of them.  I laughed at the antics and witty remarks.  I got teary-eyed at some of the situations and when true love conquered all. 

Claire is a beautiful woman trying to overcome the mind games her ex-husband laid on her.  I adored her character and strength.

Tim is a sexy man who captured my heart.  He carries so much guilt and pain from his former wife.  I really felt for him and wanted desperately to see his world brightened with true love.

TAKE ME HOME is definitely a book I would recommend.  If you are looking for a book that will give you back the hope that true love does exist, then pick up TAKE ME HOME immediately.  I cannot wait to read more of Ms. Herkness’s books.





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