Take Me
By Natasha Smith
Jun 28, 2007 - 5:12:03 AM

Cord Daily has been made to believe by Caitlyn Culver’s father that he will never be good enough for Caitlyn, but he has loved and wanted her for as long as he can remember.   When Caitlyn witnessed an indiscretion two years ago and ran, Cord didn't think he would ever again be given the chance to prove to her exactly how much he has always wanted her.   Finally, after two long years of waiting, Caitlyn Culver has come back to town.   Unable to wait a moment longer, Cord sets out to prove once and for all that she is his forever.   With a little help from his cousin, they decide to give Caitlyn a night to remember.  

Caitlyn Culver is no longer the innocent naïve girl that left town licking her wounds two years ago.   She has matured and knows exactly what she wants, and what she wants is Cord Daily.   Knowing that she is going to have to rope this cowboy into wanting to be with her forever, Caitlyn pulls out all the stops.   Cord is putty in her hands and Caitlyn can’t wait.   Seeing him walk into a party with his equally sexy cousin Dolan Crane, Caitlyn knows that come tomorrow she will have been claimed by two of the sexiest men she has ever known.  


Grab a margarita and sit back for an explosive ride! Mackenzie McKade’s cowboys are men to die for.   Cord Daily was sin personified and his idea of loving made my heart pound and my temples sweat.   Add in Dolan Crane and I couldn’t breathe.   There is nothing I like better than a well written, gripping, down-to-earth realistic ménage and TAKE ME is that and so much more.   The emotions of the characters, the love scenes that made my eyes cross in total sensuality; there was nothing about TAKE ME that I didn’t like.   Caitlyn's ability to bring Cord to her knees with a glance is the stuff from which romances are made.  


Decadent, sensual and just downright fantastic, TAKE ME is a must read.   Not only that, it is a must re-read as well.   If you are on the edge of knowing whether or not a book written by Mackenzie McKade is worth it, TAKE ME will not only knock your socks off; but, it will leave you panting for more.   I know I am!  



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