Take On Me
By Sarah W
Mar 5, 2007 - 10:08:00 AM

In high school, Sadie Post had a huge crush on class bad boy Dylan Anderson. Unfortunately, he did not know she existed. He was all her young heart yearned for, though she had a hard time showing him her feelings. But on prom night, that changed forever when Dylan humiliated Sadie in front of the school. Sadie vowed to forget him and move on but when Dylan unexpectedly shows up at the offices of the hit soap opera, Ocean Boulevard, the past comes painfully crashing down around her. She may be his boss this time around, but that does not mean she is over her infatuation.

When Dylan heard about the opportunity to work as story editor for Ocean Boulevard, he grabbed it. Dylan has bad memories of Sadie too. Specifically, he remembers how she deliberately made fun of him in American Lit class, his worst and most painful class. He is determined to serve Sadie her comeuppance by showing her the successful and wealthy man he has become.


But appearances can be deceiving and Sadie and Dylan have a lot to learn about each other, and the past, as they struggle to put aside an attraction neither wants. Will they finally have a chance to move forward together?


TAKE ON ME is the first in Sarah Mayberry’s Secret Lives of Daytime Divas series and it shines and sparkles with wit, humor and oh-so-sexy love scenes. Sadie and Dylan are combustible together! Whether angry or aroused, they do it all with passion. You will feel the energy and the chemistry vibrating off these pages. Both characters have hidden vulnerabilities that propel their motivations and actions throughout the book. Thankfully, Ms. Mayberry does not leave the characters hanging about their past throughout the entire book but rather gives them new ways to work through the pain and memories. Dylan and Sadie are ambitious, successful and enjoyable people in their own right. But when they come together, the true magic in this story truly begins.

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