Taken Beyond Temptation
By Dottie
Jun 3, 2010 - 4:35:34 PM

Growing up, Jill Brightman and her sisters decided they wanted to go into business together when they grew up.  Jill found the ideal location in Haworth House, a home once belonging to silent screen star, Hattie Haworth, whose ghost now haunts the house.  In setting up the hotel, Naomi, who works in a law office, took care of the business end of things, Jill did the interior design and Reese, a five-star chef, took care of the kitchen. Their best friend, Avery, is the manager.  The sisters found a small room off the attic.  The only item in that room is a Fantasy Box.  Whoever chooses a fantasy from the box will have the fantasy come true.  The three girls chose slips simultaneously and Naomi’s fantasy has already come true.  Jill’s slip from the Fantasy Box told her she would experience all the sensory delights and adventure that come with being swept away by a stranger.  This had always been her private fantasy, but no one else knew about it.

For five years, Ian MacFarland had been an analyst with the CIA.  He left the CIA to go into the security and investigation business with his brother, Dane, who is also Naomi’s husband.  Most of the time, Ian is behind the desk, performing the research for their cases, but he longs to be out in the field in the middle of the action.  Ian and his siblings had been separated when they were young.  At the death of their mother, they were taken into foster care.  Last year, Dane and Ian found each other, and now Ian shares Dane’s goal of finding the rest of their siblings.  


Lately, several incidents have occurred at Haworth House without the sisters’ knowledge since Avery does not want them to worry.  With events escalating, Avery hires Ian’s company to investigate the occurrences. With Dane on his honeymoon, Ian sees his chance to do some field work.  He checks into Haworth House with the cover story that he is an author doing a book on Haworth House.  Not wanting to use his real name, he uses the pseudonym Jack Ryan.


Rushing to get to her lawyer’s office on time, Jill does not notice the oil slick until it causes her car to slide out of control.  But she manages to stop just inches away from hitting the car coming from the other direction.  When she sees the other driver, she can feel the sparks flying between them, but she has no time for that now.  After settling on the building for her new business, an antique store she names Memories, Jill walks through her new store until she arrives at the kitchen, which is badly damaged.  The cupboards are destroyed, red paint is splashed on three of the walls and the fourth wall contains the words ‘Get out while you can.’  As Ian walks past the store, Jill comes running out and collides with him.  She is so attracted to this stranger, that she does not even have to see him to know he is there, her senses tell her, and the attraction is mutual.  She decides one night with him will get this attraction out of her system.  But will one night be enough, especially after Ian starts wanting more.  What will she say when she discovers his real identity?


TAKEN BEYOND TEMPTATION, the second book in the FORBIDDEN FANTASIES series, is so steamy you can practically see the steam rising from the pages.  Readers will find themselves rapidly turning pages to see what happens next.  Filled with intrigue, mystery, humor, sizzling hot love scenes, an absorbing plot, nonstop action, suspense, a well matched couple, plot twists, a surprise ending and a ghost, this story is unforgettable and definitely a winner.  Those who enjoy this book will also enjoy LED INTO TEMPTATION, Naomi’s story.  As I anxiously wait for author Cara Summer’s next book in this series, be sure to grab your own copy of TAKEN BEYOND TEMPTATION.  You won’t regret it!

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