Taking Care of Business

Author: Lauren Dane and Megan Hart

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: March 31, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Leah Griffin may have it all together when it comes to her job as the Head of Human Resources but her private life is a mess.  She’s been with Mike for the past eighteen months but the relationship isn’t working.  She’s tired of settling for the kind of man who wants to control her.  Leah’s got deep dark secret desires; it’s just a matter of finding the man who can fulfill them.


Leah’s best friend, Katherine ‘Kate’ Edward’s life is about to change in a huge way.  She’s taken on a partnership with Hargrave and will be relocating to Philadelphia from Seattle – which also means living closer to Dix.  He’s man she’s been having red hot no-strings-attached rendezvous with for the past four months.  Kate’s feelings for Dix are complicated.  She loves him however, he’s still at his ex-wife’s beck and call and she won’t take second place to an ex.


Charles Dixon, in-house counsel for Allied Packaging, has become enamored of Kate and refuses to pretend otherwise.  Since they’ve worked together they’ve kept their relationship a secret but they don’t work for the same company and as far as he’s concerned there’s no reason for them not to continue seeing each other. 


Brandon works as the conference services assistant manager.  His boss has left him in charge while she’s off on maternity leave.  Unfortunately she didn’t leave adequate notes to ensure everything would be to Leah’s standards.  The first time they meet neither of them know who the other is but the heat between them is obvious to anyone watching them.


The very morning Leah checks into the hotel she breaks things off with Mike and tells him to pack his bags and ‘be gone before she returns.’  It’s obvious from his reaction that he doesn’t believe her, but Leah doesn’t bother arguing with him over the whole situation.  Once her friend Kate arrives at the hotel where the Allied Packaging conference is being held they sit down for a few drinks and for some girl talk and they both spill about the latest news in their lives.   Kate confesses about her new job, condo, and Dix; and Leah spills about her break up with Mike.  Leah and Kate have been friends way too long to sugarcoat anything about their sexual relationships. 


During the course of their conversation, the ladies take notice of a very tall man at the hotel bar and Leah just knows she’d love ‘to break off a piece of that.’  She just never expected him to actually come over to their table or for him to obey her every command.  She learned long ago that she likes to be in charge and here’s her perfect opportunity to ‘be on the right side of the leash.’


For Kate and Dix the sexual attraction never wavers but there are a myriad of problems that have to be overcome.  Kate is very cautious about not mixing business and pleasure while Dix doesn’t view their relationship as even remotely detrimental to either of their jobs.  There’s also the issue of his being at his ex-wife’s beck and call.  Kate understands that his kids should always come first but his ex-wife’s neediness and Dix’s willingness to cater to her is just more than Kate’s willing to tolerate.


Lauren Dane and Megan Hart have teamed up to create a thrilling storyline with TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.  There are plenty of scorching sex scenes and emotionally charged situations to keep readers riveted to each and every page.  Leah and Brandon’s relationship is tentative at first but it soon becomes apparent that they’re perfect together.  Kate and Dix are also a wonderful couple but for an entirely different reason.  They’ve already cemented a relationship of sorts and despite their feelings and sexual attraction they still have a lot to work through.  Lauren Dane and Megan Hart have successfully made names for themselves in the erotica community.  Their collaborative efforts on this book are first rate.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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