Taking Chances 2: Nice Girls Do
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 8:44:00 PM

Darbi has been married once and knows what her idea mate is like.  She never thinks that she will fall in love with the complete opposite.  When she meets Clay in a hotel room mix up, she can’t resist that sensual charm that he oozes.  She would like to make the relationship last a little longer, but Clay has an aversion to marriage.  Can she change his way of thinking or will she wind up with a broken heart?

Clay can’t believe that the woman he wanted is marrying someone else.  However, he knows he has to move on.  When he finds Darbi naked on the bed of his hotel room, he knows he has found the perfect distraction.  Darbi works for the enemy and Clay has some reservations about getting involved.  When she tracks him down and asks him to be her lover, he can’t resist.  Darbi is a woman who wants commitment; can he convince her they don’t need marriage to have a happy ever after?

NICE GIRLS DO is an interracial tale and the focus is on the relationship between Darbi and Clay and not on race.  I loved the fact that Clay’s family is racially diverse and think the entire story is wonderful.  Clay has to work through his feelings about marriage and it’s due to his parents rocky relationship.  Darbi claims to know who her future dark tall and handsome counterpart will be, but when love comes knocking she just can’t fight it.  The love scenes are not for the faint of heart and will leave you panting in breathless anticipation of the next encounter.  Marilyn Lee is an awesome author who knows how to hold her readers throughout a plot.  NICE GIRLS DO is a creative combination of drama and passion. 

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