Taking It All
By Angel
Apr 1, 2006 - 8:49:00 PM

Joanna has finally gotten back together with her long lost lover, Jonathan, but danger still lurks in every corner.  Alpha Corp still wants their son, Alex, and the only way to keep him safe is to destroy Alpha Corp.  Jonathan has figured out a way to take the company down and finally live a normal life, but Joanna knows that it won’t be easy.  Can she keep her son safe while trying to build a life with Jonathan?

Jonathan is right where he belongs and has the woman he loves and his son by his side.  Now there is only one thing left to do, ensure his newfound family’s safety by destroying the one thing that could steal their happiness.  Problem is, Alpha Corp is hot on their trail and won’t give up without a fight.  Will Jonathan find a way to keep his family safe, or will Alpha Corp get the upper hand?


TAKING IT ALL is the terrific continuation of the first book ISSUE OF TRUST.  Joanna is courageous, strong and takes no prisoners where her family’s safety is concerned.  Jonathan is sexy, dark and very dangerous with a protective streak that will leave readers breathless.  Together this couple is dynamite, and anyone who gets in their way better watch out.  Love scenes are fiery and very passionate.  Lorie O’Clare knows just how to create a tale full of suspense and sensuality that readers will love and won’t soon forget.  ISSUE OF TRUST, the first novel, should be read before this one so you have the history of Joanna and Jonathan’s turbulent relationship.

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