Taboo - Taking It Personal
By Sarah W
Aug 2, 2007 - 3:32:52 PM

Sarah Fairland is ready to put the moves on her personal trainer, Drew Bennett. She has been giving him come-on signals for awhile and is ready for him to take the hint. But when he does, she is not prepared for the dominant way he takes charge.

Sarah is used to being the one in charge, never giving up control and handling all business decisions herself. Well, Drew is about to take that control away from her and show her just how very wonderful it can be to let loose. Drew enjoys bondage and submission and he cannot wait to explore the passion he senses seething in Sarah. But can she handle being so out of control?


TAKING IT PERSONAL features another sexy Bennett brother. Sarah and Drew are a good contrast in personalities. He is just as take charge as Sarah but he likes to use that control in much more intimate activities. Sarah is not used to being free in any aspect of her life, let alone in her sex life, so it takes her some time to come to terms with this new personality Drew unleashes. Of course, they manage to have lots of fun in the process! TAKING IT PERSONAL is incredibly sexy, eye-opening, and a scorching tale of seduction. Cheyenne McCray writes another winner!

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