Taking on Tabytha (Tall, Dark and Dominant, Book 2)

Author: Reese Gabriel

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: October 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Tabytha Quillen’s research for her sassy column “Tabytha Takes On” has netted her an intriguing subject – one she fully intends to make mincemeat of as she disproves his notions of being some sort of expert in training submissives.  She’s met more than enough overblown male egos to recognize conceit when she sees it.  What she doesn’t expect is for Harlan to be so dang appealing or annoyingly intuitive and to actually be able to throw her off kilter. 

Sexual Dominant Harlan Blake’s claim that he can ‘… bring out the best in any sub, making her ready for any and all activities, including the 24/7 BDSM lifestyle’ marks him as a target for Tabytha’s snarky interrogation.  He’s agreed to meet her for coffee and she does her level best to discredit him with her pointed questioning, but nothing works, in fact that infuriating man seems to take her attitude as a personal challenge.  Her reaction to the imagery exercise he subjected her to surprised him, instead of her treating it as a joke, she’d lit out of the coffee house like her tail was on fire – leaving him wondering just what she envisioned and if it was anything like the fantasy that played out in his imagination.


Through his associate Trina, Blake issues Tabytha an invitation to his private club, one her friend Martinique accepts on her behalf.  Tabytha still views the whole experience from a journalist standpoint but she can’t deny that Blake is definitely getting to her.  Her insults, jibes, and taunts seem to just amuse him and make his banter even more outrageous.  Tabytha’s quickly losing her impartiality when it comes to Blake and succumbing to his allure, but can the uber-sophisticated, independent woman secretly desire nothing more than to be under Blake’s command?


Tabytha’s whole attitude regarding Blake and his claims gave me a real chuckle.  Her thoughts and comments are just so blatantly snarky that I could easily imagine her whole demeanor when it came to dealing with Blake and his responses struck me as equally satisfying.  Blake’s used to being deferred to so it’s no wonder that he’s drawn to the challenge of taming Tabytha, but there’s more to it than that, there’s an emotional connection otherwise he could have easily walked away and moved onto another woman.  For even more humor though, we have Tabytha’s friend Martinique whose ‘Yoda’ comments had me very glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time I read it.  Reese Gabriel’s TAKING ON TABYTHA is a wild and fun read with characters who on the surface don’t seem to be compatible but dig a little deeper and throw in a little BDSM play and watch the sparks fly.


The TALL, DARK AND DOMINANT series consists of four titles which can all be read as stand-alone stories.






TAKING ON TABYTHA is also available in the print book TALL DARK AND DOMINANT along with MANAGING MACY and LEGALLY BINDING.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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