Taking the Cake
By Sarah W
Aug 7, 2006 - 12:02:00 PM

Mollie Mason, responsible accountant, driven, and smart, is about to make a fool of herself for her fiancé. She’s all prepared to jump out of his cake at his bachelor party, but her plans fall apart when she hears him bashing her to his friends. Mollie Mason is no fool. Angry, upset, embarrassed, but glad to be rid of the louse, Mollie jumps out of the cake and flees…only to run into Cade Gallagher. They went to high school together and both exchanged furtive glances but never went any farther. Suddenly though, Mollie is ready to experience the wild side… with Cade as her guide.

Cade can’t believe Mollie was set to marry her jerk of a fiancé, but he can’t say he’s sorry to see the engagement over with. Of course, he wishes Mollie would see the new him, the mature Cade, and not the devil-may-care bad boy she remembers from high school. But maybe, now that he’s in town for awhile, he’ll have the chance to show her who he really is. The guy who has been stuck on Mollie for most of his life. Can their fling last? Will Cade and Mollie find happiness together forever, or is Mollie going to let this opportunity, Cade’s love and respect, slip past her?


TAKING THE CAKE is all about how Mollie grabs a great opportunity and doesn’t let go. She really does go for the gusto in this story and it is a pleasure watching her break out of her shell a bit. Cade and Mollie fit together well. They share a warm humor, similar opinions, and a very strong attraction. Author Kate Davies keeps their relationship realistic, building it up nicely for the final climatic moment when they both realize their feelings. Warm-hearted Mollie and sexy and smart Cade are a strong match. They are sure to keep readers engaged and interested. Ms. Davies, it was a pleasure getting to know these characters.

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