Talking In Your Sleep
By Sarah W
Dec 5, 2007 - 3:46:50 PM

Joy Clarke is feeling hopeless this holiday season. Though she is up for an important promotion, she just cannot seem to feel passionate about the toy company she is working for. Joy is tightly wound and ready to explode and it is only at night when she is sleeping that she lets her more sensual nature explode, calling out for a lover she barely knows at all, her neighbor, Raphael "Rafe" Moore.

Rafe Moore has escaped New York City for the sun bleached horizons of California. He is house-sitting for a friend and trying to piece his life back together. As an EMT, Rafe has been put through the wringer career wise and he is tired. Unfortunately, he cannot sleep as he is suffering from insomnia. On the rare nights he starts to fall asleep, his neighbor's moans and bed talk keep him wide awake. But when he confronts Joy about it, she denies it. Is she embarrassed or does she truly not realize that she is calling out for him in her sleep? Now Rafe has a new mission in California: he is going to crack the mystery that is beautiful but buttoned-up Joy.

I think any reader is going to find the situation Rafe and Joy are in ripe for irresistible laughter. Talk about a bit embarrassing but oh so sexy! I felt sympathy for both Joy and Rafe. Joy is used to ignoring the holidays, used to ignoring her own passions, and just pretending to be happy. Rafe awakens her to the falsehoods in her life and makes her seriously consider what will make her content. Rafe came to California looking for a little R and R, instead, he meets a woman who excites him in a big way, and who needs his help. There is no doubt Rafe is a knight in white armor, but Joy cannot totally rely on him for rescue. Both of these characters were strong, even when they were at their weakest. And as seems to be the norm for a Samantha Hunter story, TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP... includes a satisfying secondary romance that will ring true with poignancy.

Though the book starts off with a somewhat amusing conflict, there are serious undertones that give this book complexities and strong emotions. TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP... is flirty, tender, and very enjoyable!

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